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The Butcher in online

The Butcher

When did you launch?

The Butcher’s bricks-and-mortar store opened in October 2003, and the online store in April 2004. We were the first online butchery service available in Singapore.

How does the online purchasing work?

It’s simple. You sign up for a free account, then visit different sections of the website and add any items you want to a shopping cart. You choose the quantities and sizes you would like, and any “add-ons” like marinades, crumbing or stuffing. Review your cart, confirm the order, then pay by credit card, cash or cheque. Order by 5pm and you’ll get next-day delivery.

Do some products sell better online than in-store?

It’s funny: ready-to-eat frozen items such as curries and pies are more popular online than they are in the store. Otherwise, the staples of beef, chicken and sausages are just as popular in-store as online.

Is website design important?

It is, but the ease of using a website is what really matters. We recently upgraded our website to make it faster and easier to use, so our customers have a more pleasant shopping experience.

How do online sales compare with in-store retail sales?

Customers still like the old-fashioned way of selecting the specific pieces of meat they wish to purchase. However, we have a growing number of customers who love the convenience and ease of shopping online, whether it’s for weekend barbecues or everyday family meals.