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The best street food in Asia

Mohinga: Unofficially the national dish, this is a breakfast stew of fish broth, onions, garlic and herbs, and rice vermicelli, topped by slices of banana blossom, boiled egg and dough fritters. Sets you up for the day very nicely.

Momos: Foodies don’t rate Bhutan highly – and the fact that street hawking is illegal doesn’t help – but you can’t go wrong with the Indian-style curries or the Tibetan momos. The latter are steamed dumplings filled with meat, or cabbage, onions and cheese, served with a chilli sauce.


The Philippines
Isaw: Grilled intestines. Hang on, stay with us! This tasty dish of charred chicken innards is better than it sounds. The guts are fully cleansed, then boiled, then curled onto skewers and crisped up over an open grill. Dip them in a vinegar or sweet-and-sour sauce and you’re away.

Fish amok: Probably the best-known Cambodian dish, this is a steamed, curried mousse of fish usually served in a banana leaf; it can be firm or soupy, but either way the curry paste, coconut and fresh herbs contribute a winning combo. Run amok!

Khao jee: Nice to have a break from Asia’s million varieties of rice and noodle dishes, and the French-influenced Khao Jee baguette in Laos is as good as it gets. Fillings usually include pate, sausage, shredded radish and carrot, bits of cucumber and lashings of mayo and chilli sauce. Greatness.