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The best places to buy kids’ beds in Singapore

You’ve styled the bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen. Everything is exactly as you want it. You have a home that makes your visitors coo. But there’s one room left to furnish: Baby’s bedroom! Here are some best buys for your little darlings.


Gallery 278
278 River Valley Road
+65 6737 2322

I have three boys, Christopher (6), Michael (3) and Jason (10 months). We bought a Brooklyn bunk-bed, a custom-made toy armoire, and a custom-made desk, all of which are beautifully made.

The kids love the bunk-beds, which have their own assigned drawers that the other brother is not allowed to go into! The toy armoire is very functional, since the top part can be detached and used as a low bench, while the bottom half is used as a storage unit. The desk will serve the boys well into their teens and beyond, and he hutch is detachable.

Julie from Gallery 278 came to see the children’s room and discuss the purpose of the furniture. She helped us design something that would be strong enough to endure three boys, and stylish enough for us to want to keep it in our home for a long time.

Maria Leudeke – US


The Shophouse
22 Lock Road, Gillman Village
+65 6344 0100

When you arrive in Singapore, everyone recommends The Shophouse. It’s a part of this city. We’ve bought several furnishings from there, most recently a bed for my ten-year-old daughter, Maddie.

She’s not a little girl any more and it was time to replace her bed with something more grown up. We wanted something that she could sit on when she’s playing in her room. It was important that she be involved in the decision, so we brought her along to The Shophouse.

She immediately went for the bed that we ended up with. It’s made from lovely bleached teak, which, because of its light colour, will go well with the many bright colours in her bedroom. The bed is still on order and will take about eight weeks. For such a good quality piece, however, it’s worth the wait.

Hester Calkhoven – Netherlands


9 Margate Road, Singapore
+65 9829 7961

We bought our two-year-old daughter, Harla, a white sleigh-bed and a trundle bed that slides underneath. Being a European design, it’s very sleek and simple, which matches the rest of our home. I’m not a big fan of ornate carvings and complex patterns.

The trundle bed is great, because we can slide it out to stop Harla from hurting herself if she falls out of bed. We also use it when visitors come to stay, either by leaving it attached to the bed or by removing it completely and putting it in another room. We also bought some beautiful handmade patchwork quilts and cushion covers, which are in the style of traditional English patchwork.

The service we received was excellent. The staff found us some mattresses through a contact, and everything was delivered within three working days.

Jo Hazarika – UK


Additional Places for Children’s Furniture

Happy Kids Design
Boon Lay Way, #01-19 TradeHub 21
+65 9385 3254 or 8182 9294

#03-34 Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road
+65 6338 3552

Piccolo House
#01-63 Lobby D, Ubi Techpark
10 Ubi Crescent
+65 6743 8884


The Shophouse
22 Lock Road, Gillman Village
+65 6344 0100

CrossCom Ergonomic Lifestyle
#02-22 Forum The Shopping Mall
583 Orchard Road
+65 6853 0309

9 Margate Road
+65 9829 7961


Design Intervention
Loewen Gardens, 75E Loewen Rd
+65 6468 1942

Wild Child
94 Club Street
+65 6227 3163

Mothers Work
#02-12/14 Great World City
1 Kim Seng Promenade
(also at Tanglin Mall )
+65 6738 5886