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The app that can help couples get pregnant

Apps are wonderful things. Whether you want to read foreign newspapers, find an MRT station or download, err, adult art, there’s sure to be an app for you.

However, PayPal co-founder, Max Levchin, believes that he’s developed an app that can actually increase the chances of couples becoming pregnant. Not only that, its creators are so confident in their product that they have promised to pay for infertility treatment if it doesn’t work.

The founders of Glow believe that many would-be parents fail to get pregnant because they don’t have enough information to track their peak fertility and end up believing that they can’t have children. The app lets women track their period, work out their fertile windows and see if they need to be more active in their sex lives. It also helps them to keep on top of the tasks that can help pregnancy, such as stocking up on ovulation kits and sending reminders to their fellas to avoid warm temperatures that can kill sperm (does that mean staying even longer in Harry’s Bar rather than risking 35 degree temperatures outside? – Ed).

As Apps go, Glow is on the expensive side at $50 (US) a month per couple, but in the grand scheme of things it looks like good business – and probably a bit more enjoyable than Words With Friends.

Couples must try to conceive for ten months while using the App; if users get pregnant, their money has been well spent, but if they’re still struggling after ten months, the money from the community fund is used to pay for treatment at an infertility clinic. What’s to lose?