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The Adventurists


“Fighting to make the world less boring” is the tagline of a group known as the Adventurists.

The company organises six different adventures that usually involve driving a ridiculously unsuitable vehicle across inhospitable terrain. As founder Tom Morgan puts it: “It’s about small cars, stupid destinations and getting lost!” which includes driving a rickshaw 3,000km from the Sumatran jungle to Bali, riding an old school Ural motorbike 2,500km across the Siberian wilderness and racing a horse across 1000km of Mongolian steppe.

The next adventure is the Mongol Rally (on 13 July) which will see participants in “a car your granny would be embarrassed by” cross 1600km of remote terrain passing mountains and deserts – best have aviator caps and Biggles goggles at the ready then.