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Ten sports you must try before you hit eighty

By: Jake Riggir

Let’s face it, you’re getting older. And there’s so much you still haven’t done! You need to make the most of the time you have left with your energetic body, mate. Hence, we’ve created this list of sports that you simply have to try before you turn 80.

Not recommended for the queasy

This sport involves rolling down a hill inside an inflatable ball. Your inner 10 year old will be begging you to give this a go, and if you don’t do it now (you don’t want to leave this too long, you get a serious thrashing), that little boy will be very, very dissapointed.

Those flames make it 10 times quicker - scientific fact

You get to drive really fast around a racing track against your mates. What’s not to like? There’s also lots of social karting leagues if you fancy making a few mates in the process (if you can afford it).

All about the 'inner core', friends

A combination of surfing and sailing. If you can master this, you’ll be a pretty cool dude. It gets tougher as you get older, because you need serious strength in those arms and shoulders.

This sport is riddled with injuries, so you’ll want to give this a go early on. There’s nothing like it, mind, we can’t recommend this enough. It’s not easy to do here in Singapore, but there are opportunities in Japan, New Zealand and beyond.  If you’ve got kids, learning on the slope together is always a great family trip.

Helmets are key

Canoe polo
That’s right, canoe polo. It’s a real thing. It consists of two teams fighting to throw the ball into the goal – but the addition of paddles means it gets pretty rough and intense. Lots of fun, mind – just make sure you know how to flip your canoe over when you get tipped up (and you will).

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Surfing is said to be one of the most satisfying things you can do, once you can stand up. And all you need is a beach and a surf board. An instructor will be helpful too. Oh and some waves.

You'd have to be crazy

Running of the Bulls
You’ll want to have a fast-moving pair of legs to do this, so we’d recommend getting stuck into this adrenaline-pumping Spanish tradition when you’re young and nuts.

It might not sound like the most high-energy activity out there, but Forbes magazine named squash as the most healthy sport you can play last year. It’s a fast, belting-style game that requires a strong set of knees (although it’s known for ruining them too).

Yup, a real sport

Muggle Quidditch
Also a thing. Surely a Harry Potter fad, it’s best to try this one before all the players wake up and realises how lame it is. That doesn’t mean it wont be a funny afternoon though – it’s essentially a cross between netball, basketball and dodgeball, but you have to have a broom between your legs at all times. With World Cups and the International Quidditch Association, this game is weirdly legit.

The least extreme sport on this list. Reason why you should play this before you’re 80? Well, it’s so that when you are 80, you’ll actually know how to play with your wrinkly mates!