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Taking a look at AIS’s new Early Years program

Did you know that a child’s brain doubles in size in their first year and reaches 80% of its adult volume by age three? That’s a lot of very fast-paced development at a very young age. We look at the unique Early Years Program at the Australian International School (AIS) to see how it could help you and your children make the most of all that valuable learning potential.

Singapore International Schools, Australian International School
Students at AIS learn Mandarin through fun games and stories, building valuable language and communication skills


1. A unique approach to education
By offering both the International Baccalaureate and the Australian curriculum, AIS gives students the best of two highly respected and rigorous academic programs. This means students get the opportunity to carve their own path and hone their unique natural talents while opening doors to Australia, the UK and Europe. The AIS Early Years Program is the first step on the path to a holistic, rounded education, with children welcomed from 18 months old.

2. Dedicated Early Years facilities
Their current outdoor play spaces, secret garden, dedicated Inquiry Centre and Reggio Emilia-inspired classrooms put children at the centre of the learning experience, letting them learn through observation, exploration, discovery and play. These will soon be joined by a brand new, state-of-the-art Early Years campus.

3. Develops communication skills and confidence
The ability to communicate well with others is perhaps the most important skill our children will ever need. Good communication inspires confidence and a sense of self assurance is invaluable, both in learning and everyday life. A unique LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) Speech and Drama program, as well as a focus on literacy and reading, means AIS Early Years students become confident speakers with a rich, varied vocabulary. Daily Mandarin classes also expose students to the world’s most widely spoken language from an early age, using games, stories and songs to encourage fluency and strong language skills.

Singapore International Schools, Australian International School
The AIS Early Years Program exercises bodies and mind through SMART Steps, a proprietary program that develops physical coordination and mental skills


4. Builds physical skills
Of course, it’s not just our brains that need a good work out and with bags of energy to burn, AIS builds movement and exercise into its Early Years curriculum. In addition to weekly physical education classes, students also undergo a weekly session of SMART Steps. Unique to AIS, SMART Steps is a highly respected exercise program specifically designed to focus on movement patterns that aid physical coordination and body and brain development.

5. Nurtures creativity
Children engaging with the arts from an early age develops creativity and emotional understanding as well as thinking, language and motor skills. Specialist music lessons start from 18 months at AIS, under the Orff Musical Literacy Program. This exposes students to a host of musical experiences, developing musical literacy, understanding and creative potential from an early age. From three years old, students also have weekly violin lessons, helping to improve stamina, focus and posture – valuable skills that also benefit performance in the classroom.

For more information on the Australian International School register for the Open House or call +65 6653 2958.

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