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Tailoring: A Dying Trade?

Tailoring dates all the way back to the Renaissance (from the 14th to the 17th century), when the draped, loose robes of the Middle Ages made way for closer fitting clothing that accentuated the human body.

In many parts of the world today, it’s customary for men and women to wear a suit to work – ideally one that is crisp, clean and well-fitted. Even the most expensive two-piece can be spoilt by a bad fit. However, with brands from luxury to high-street increasingly offering fitted blazers, dress shirts and trousers off the rack, the case for tailoring has been called into question. And while many are quick to lament that the trade is a dying one, an increasing number of young people are looking for a bespoke touch that you won’t get from a suit off the rack.

Why bespoke is better

According to Felicia Neo from CYC The Custom Shop, there are huge advantages to having your suits and shirts tailored, rather than buying them straight off the rack. “When it comes to your wardrobe, the details matter. Be it a simple blazer or a suit, it should be made to fit your body well,” she explains.

Here’s why bespoke is better:

International brands don’t necessarily use the right fabrics for Singapore’s climate.
Commonly used nylon and polyester can be a recipe for sweat-patches and discomfort! Most local tailors are in tune with what materials work in Southeast Asia’s heat, and will recommend, for example, a cotton shirt that allows for good air-flow.

Tailoring is all about the fit.
Whether you’re a man or a woman, there’s no question that a tailor’s touch can improve the fit of any garment – even if it’s just a small nip here, or a tuck there. “In Singapore, there’s an increasing trend for fitness,” Felicia points out. “When your weight changes and you become more toned, you need to get yourself measured again to ensure the right shirt fit.”

Bespoke tailoring provides a level of attention and customer service that you don’t get in a store.
Whatever your age is, if you’re particular about your clothing and know what you like, there’s nothing to equal the experience of creating your own piece from scratch. “We’re seeing the younger working generation becoming more fashion-savvy,” says Felicia. “Many are seeking out that unique touch. That’s why I believe there will always be a place for tailoring.”

For more information on bespoke shirts and suits, visit cycthecustomshop.com, or call 6336 3556.

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