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Sustainable living: 6 ways to live green this September

From global warming to oceans full of plastic debris, there are a thousand good reasons to live an eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle. But with our busy lives and long-ingrained habits, it’s not always easy to know where to start.

This September (9-11), annual eco-lifestyle event Green Living is back for its second edition at Marina Bay Sands. Entry is free and there’s a host of events, workshops and personal experiences demonstrating how to integrate sustainable practices into everyday life. We take a look at six ways they can help you get started:

girl in white yoga pose green living singapore
Re-energise yourself for a new, greener way of life


1. Get more zen
Your journey to a healthier, greener and more sustainable life starts with you. Finding your inner balance helps you feel calm, refreshed and de-stressed. Get ready for a new green, clean-living you with an uplifting yoga session from Tara Stiles, founder of global yoga brand Strala. If you don’t fancy getting your stretchy pants out, learn to banish the stress of modern day life with a therapy program from wellness centre Balanced Living, designed specifically for busy executives.

2. Eat clean, eat green
We all know the saying you are what we eat, and we all turn the occasional blind eye to what we put in our bods. Discover how to feed yourself and your loved ones better with SuperEating for the Whole Family, an interactive cooking demo by the healthy-eating experts at Balanced Living. They’ll run you through all the important nutrients your family needs and how to get them into your diet. There’s nothing like a well-deserved smoothie after a workout, right? Check out the Green Café where, alongside all kinds of organic and good-for-you goodies from Le Bono, you can work up a thirst making your own DIY super smoothie on their pedal-powered smoothie bike.


family with veg green living
Make your new sustainable lifestyle a family affair


3. Connect with nature
Green fingers often point the way to more sustainable living. Learn the ins and outs of organic gardening and how to turn your garden into a pesticide-free paradise with Organic Gardening at Home by Biomax. If that sounds like too much commitment, start small and build your own terrarium, a self-sustaining, low maintenance miniature ornamental garden, with eco-experts Ecoponics.

4. Go au naturel
Natural beauty doesn’t mean saying “no” to make-up, it’s all about choosing your products carefully. There are balms, oils, lotions and potions, organic and botanical-based, that treat your delicate skin to the all-natural love and attention it deserves. Green Beauty. Where to Start? presented by Habiba, founder of hair and skincare brand Ayelli, is a great first step towards learning about environmentally friendly and cruelty-free eco-chic products. Or how about making your own natural home-made deodorant with Chemical Free Skincare by Precious Oilers?


green living laptop on desk
Learn to create eco-friendly, sustainable spaces at home


5. Shop with a conscience
A great way to embrace a greener, more sustainable lifestyle is to support local, eco-friendly businesses. Put your money where your mouth is and shop where it makes a difference. From upcycled furniture to soy wax candles and eco-friendly baby products and toys, the Green Living Market Place is where you’ll find passionate people selling all sorts of cool, green products.

6. Get smart at home
Technology is one way you can make your green intentions a reality. Little things like rechargeable batteries and LED bulbs, or using an energy-saving energy efficient washing machine and dryer may seem like small differences but they add up. In Low Carbon Tips, the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) shows how to monitor household energy consumption and carbon emissions. Also check out the two sustainable home showcases where partners including IKEA, Bosch and Lutron will demonstrate simple solutions for creating eco-friendly, sustainable spaces for the whole family.

Green Living happens 9-11 September at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre

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