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Surfing in Asia: Top 10 places to catch waves

By: Jordy Gray

There are some seriously good spots for catching a wave or two around the region. Check out our guide to surfing in Asia for the best countries – and beaches – to take your board along to below.

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10: West Java, Indonesia
West Java is known for its wild waves and its share of excellent surfing spots. These spots can be found on both land and offshore islands, with maybe a preference for the latter, which provide relatively uncrowded waves. Best breaks include: Ombak Tujuh, Pangandaran & Turtles

9: Philippines
The surfing scene has mushroomed in the Philippines over the last few years. The Indonesian crowds have driven many surfers north and this has resulted in the “discovery” of many new surf spots along the Eastern Samar coastline. Best breaks include: Cloud 9, Bagasbas & San Juan

8: Thailand
A slow burner, as the waves are not as consistent as those in Indonesia. For beginners, Thailand is the perfect place to start. Best breaks include: Kata Beach, Kalim Beach, Kamala Beach

7: Taiwan
Taiwan is dotted with surfing spots that break during all times of the year. Best breaks include: Kenting, Hualien

6: Timor, Indonesia
Timor offers some brilliant reef spots that are suitable for all levels of expertise. As a mostly undiscovered surfing area, it has some quality waves – comparable to those of Indonesia. Best breaks include Savu Right, Digger, & Savu Left

5: Andaman Islands, India
India’s Andaman Islands are one of the world’s last untouched surfing spots. There are hundreds of deserted islands and surf breaks to discover. The most popular break would be Little Andaman

4: Japan
For a small country, Japan has some world-class waves. The main concentration of surfing activity is around the Shonan, Chiba and Shizuoka areas. Best breaks include: Niijima, Kyushu, & Chiba

3: Mentawai Islands, Indonesia
Mentawai is home to one of the most consistent surf destinations in the world. Fantastic swell is year-round, and some of the best places to catch some waves are Bankvaults, Telescopes, & Rifles

2: Maldives
With a surfing season that runs from March to October and some of the best breaks in Asia, the Maldives offers fun, impressive and unforgettable waves in the island paradise. Best breaks include Chickens, Sultans & Honky’s

1: Bali, Indonesia
Bali is not only a ‘paradise’ for tropical getaways & honeymoon holidays, but for surfers too. Home to some of the best waves in the world, the magic island has swell hitting all year round. Popular breaks include Kuta Beach, Keramas, & Uluwatu