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Sunset Wat, Singapore: Guide to living, eating and shopping in Clementi

Teresa Stephens, UK

EL: Where did you live when you first came to Singapore?

TS: This is our second time here. We first lived in the Orchard area and then on the East Coast between 1997 and 2000. When we returned in 2003 we lived on Grange Road for two years before moving to this house.

EL: What were your main reasons for choosing this area?

TS: It’s very quiet. It’s also convenient for the boys’ school, Tanglin Trust, and many of their after-school and weekend activities.

EL: What’s the best thing about living in this neighbourhood?

TS: The peace and quiet – often, when you sit in the garden, you hear only the birds.

EL: What’s missing from your local area that you would like to have?

TS: Until very recently there was no Cold Storage supermarket, but one opened a few months back.

EL: Why did you choose this specific home?

TS: Although it’s quite old, it has a big garden by Singaporean standards, which is great for the boys. They are sports mad and spend hours on end playing rugby, soccer and anything else they think of.

EL: Where is your favourite local leisure area?

TS: We spend a lot of time during the afternoons and weekends at Turf City, mainly related to the boys’ and my husband’s sports activities.

EL: Where to you tend to do your shopping?

TS: At the Jelita Shopping Centre.

EL: Have you made any special finds?

TS: The boys love The Daily Scoop ice cream shop and we like Absolutely New Zealand, a shop that does a great line in Kiwi wines, meat and other goodies.

EL: Which is your favourite restaurant for a special night out?

TS: We enjoy the ambience and food at Flutes at the Fort, and it has a good wine selection.

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