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Sun-damaged skin? Our expert tips for treating pigmentation, wrinkles and broken veins

By: Rebecca Bisset

The sun in Singapore can be a bit deceptive because it doesn’t seem to burn like the Australian or New Zealand sun does – or even the British sun (when it does shine!) – but it still has all the same harmful and ageing effects like broken veins, pigmentation spots and wrinkles. From a purely aesthetic point of view, this means you need a lot more maintenance.

Whatever our age, the sun causes damage to our skin – we’re talking sun spots and other uneven pigmentation on the face, neck and hands. Noses and décolletages seem to catch more of the sun’s rays and often go unprotected, and, in addition to the pigmentation issues already mentioned, tend to develop increased wrinkling of the chest, enlarged pores on the nose, and broken veins and blotchiness in both areas. All sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

Golfers and tennis players, too, seem to get quite pronounced pigmentation on the sides of the neck even though they may have protected their faces by wearing a cap.

We talked to Dr Yvonne Goh, who has her facilities in Camden Medical Centre, for her recommendations for preventing further damage and treating it.

1. Prevention is key. If you have to go out into the sun at midday (or at any time), you need to apply a thick layer of sunblock at least every two hours, making sure to cover all areas including the ears, the hands and the sides of the neck evenly.

2. Although not a solution to more serious skin issues like melanoma, laser toning can improve texture and pigmentation, and it takes only a few minutes each time. It also helps close broken veins and gives collagen a boost.

Note: I have just had a treatment, and all I felt was a prickly sensation. It really doesn’t hurt (and I am a bit of a wimp). For cases like mine, you need about five sessions, done two weeks apart, to make a real difference.

3. An intense pulsed light or IPL treatment has a greater effect on the superficial levels of the skin. It works well for freckles and for other more distinct pigmentation marks.

4. A fruit milk peel – containing a mixture of fruit acid and milk acid – is another good way to combat sun damage, and has no down-time at all. It’s also very good for clearing up “spotty skin” and generally improves texture.

5. For a neck and décolletage that are becoming scraggy from age and exposure to the sun, the ultrasound-based Ultherapy treatment goes a bit deeper to lift and firm the skin. Consider having it done every year to stay ahead of gravity. Ultherapy can also help lift saggy eyelids – plus a variety of other sagging parts of the anatomy, too!

What’s the bottom line? If you can’t stay out of the sun, or you’ve already done the damage, at least you can do something about it! It might need a bit more regular work than normal ageing does, but a consultation with Dr Goh will work out what would suit you best.

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Want more tips on preventing sun damage? Watch Dr Goh’s live interview (below) where she chats about what to look for when choosing a sunscreen and demystifies SPF numbers.