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Style tips from EX readers: Christopher Bourrie on his love for bright pants and more

Name: Christopher Bourrie
Position: Regional Marketing Director for Louis XIII



How would you describe your style? 
Classic but modern and smart with a French twist. I like to add a unique edge to smartly tailored suits and pants by accessorising: shoes, belts, ties, even coloured socks. For casual wear, I love the idea of brightly coloured tailored pants with a white shirt; you can never go wrong yet you’ll leave an impression.

Has that style evolved naturally, or have you been through some “interesting” phases?
My style has evolved very naturally. My dad and my grandfather have been essential in influencing the way I dress, from “suiting-up” my classic casual style with nicely tailored suits to wearing a three-piece black tie for formal affairs such as LOUIS XIII Genius dinners.

I believe that having an individual style is essential as it brings out your personality and enhances your charisma. Dressing for the occasion can help in business too; not only does it create a good and credible impression, it also adds a level of assurance to clients and business partners.

What’s your favourite item of clothing?
My range of brightly coloured pants and shoes. They both show a different side of my personality as they add a warm and interesting twist to my classic pieces. One-hundred percent classic style can be boring in the long run, and I find that adding colours makes me stand out in a good way; it’s also an easy way to initiate conversation when meeting new people. It makes me look less “severe” as well, which is one piece of feedback I often get when I’m dressed in classic suits.

When did you first become interested in looking good?
When I was 13 or 14, I was very particular with how my outfit was put together. My friends and I shared a strong belief in the importance of a neat, smart appearance.

Now, at this point in my life, a sense of belonging and associating with a “brotherhood” is essential for me, and the way you’re dressed is the first visible sign of this.

That being said, the most important thing about my style is that I dress for comfort; I won’t wear uncomfortable clothes just because they’re fashionable.



What has been your biggest fashion mistake?
As a pretentious Frenchman, my answer would be: I’ve never made one so far. (Joking!)

Any timeless classics that you’ve been wearing for years and years?
Definitely the silk scarf that I tie around my neck. I always wear it, even here in Singapore – it’s helpful in fighting the ridiculously low temperatures of malls, restaurants and airplanes.

Got an item of clothing that your wife wants you to throw away but you refuse?
The same silk scarf; she thinks it’s outdated and that it makes me look like a grandpa!

What style of suit do you prefer?
English style: two-buttoned, notched lapel, double-vented suit, with a ticket pocket and a lining that’s either coloured to match my socks, or more unconventional, like the skull print lining in my three-piece black tie suit.

What’s your number one fashion tip for EX readers?
Don’t wear more than two colours at a time; also, match the exact same colour twice in your outfit – shoes and belt, or socks and tie, or square pocket and the lining of your jacket or cufflinks.