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Style in Singapore: Ordinary women, Extraordinary Style

From jewellery to shoes and bags to clothes, shopping is indeed every girl’s favourite pastime. But what is it that makes them buy a particular piece? We spoke to a few seasoned shoppers about their favourite buys.

Pure Earth

163 Tanglin Road, #02-28 Tanglin Mall

6887 5331| www.pureearth.com.sg

We spoke to a few seasoned shoppers in Singapore about their favourite purchases
We spoke to a few seasoned shoppers in Singapore about their favourite purchases


When we first moved to Singapore six and a half years ago, I was wandering around Tanglin Mall when I first came across Pure Earth. I loved the clothes and I just kept going back regularly. I’ve already bought lots of lovely tops and a few pairs of silk pants. What I love most about them are the fabrics and bright colours, which suit my style very well.

As I go to the Turf Club for the horse races quite often, I like to wear something comfortable and stylish. Pure Earth tops are perfect for the Singapore weather.

The service is excellent and the girls are very friendly and helpful. Pure Earth has a personalised service. Jacqualin contacts me whenever something new arrives which she knows I’d like.

About four years ago I went to Sydney and took a few of my Pure Earth tops with me. Everywhere I went, people asked me where I got them. I’ve shared this favourite store of mine with my friends in New Zealand, London and Australia and they all love it! So whenever I go back home for a holiday, I’ll always bring extra Pure Earth tops for my friends.

We spoke to a few seasoned shoppers in Singapore about their favourite purchases
We spoke to a few seasoned shoppers in Singapore about their favourite purchases

Shopping at Tiffany’s

163 Tanglin Road, #02-03 Tanglin Mall

6887 4461 | www.shoppingtiffanys.com

Due to the nature of my career, I’m always out and about so I need clothes that are easy to wear. Besides work clothes, I have also bought many sundresses from Shopping at Tiffany’s.

One thing I like about the shop is that there are always so many options to choose from and the price is always right. Plus, Shopping at Tiffany’s has a good range of casual and dressier clothes. It’s a one-stop-shop for a career woman. I never leave empty handed; there’s always something to buy from this friendly store.

Tiffany and I have known each other for many years, and met when we both lived in Tokyo. Back then it was very hard to find clothes in Western sizes and in styles that suited us. Tiffany used to travel around the world to buy clothing for us. So when I arrived here a year ago, I headed straight to Shopping at Tiffany’s for my shopping fix.

Shopping at Tiffany’s would be the first stop on a shopping trip when I have friends coming from out of town. It’s where I can find clothes that suit my style and aren’t too hot to wear here!


We spoke to a few seasoned shoppers in Singapore about their favourite purchases
We spoke to a few seasoned shoppers in Singapore about their favourite purchases

Mothers en Vogue

176 Orchard Rd, #01-32 The Centrepoint

6738 0037 | www.mothersenvogue.com

I’ve bought a range of maternity tops and shorts, mostly from the X.tended collection, plus nursing tops and a jumpsuit. I love the fact that they look like ‘normal’ clothes that I would buy if I weren’t pregnant.

The pieces are cleverly designed to flatter both during and after pregnancy and they double as nursing wear too. Given that you only wear maternity clothes temporarily, it makes sense that your mum-to-be wardrobe should double as your new mum wardrobe too.

What I like most about Mothers en Vogue (MEV) is the thought that goes into their designs – each item is very different, both in style and the ingenious hidden ways to provide access for nursing. I found the prices very reasonable compared to other maternity wear available here. Plus, the clothes were designed with the Singapore climate in mind!

I always look for clothes that are well made and will wash well. So far, MEV items have satisfied those requirements. I also look for things I can mix and match that are well cut and flattering. MEV has a wide range of different cuts and styles, which I like. I’m pleased with my purchases as they mix well with my existing wardrobe and I’m still wearing them even now that I’ve had my baby.

On top of this, the decent music, friendly and helpful staff and the big changing rooms make it a pleasant shopping experience.

I have recommended MEV to others because it is affordable, practical and as their name rightly suggests, en vogue.

Dress Sense

252 North Bridge Road, #03-29A Raffles City Shopping Centre
6333 0329 | www.dress-sense.sg

I like unusual, unique statement pieces that are at the same time classy and stylish. So when I saw a Lavish bracelet, it was love at first sight. It was absolutely amazing and very different so I decided I had to have it and a white lace dress from Bolongaro Trevor, a Kendra Scott necklace and a pair of UA curved earrings.

I find not only their selection of merchandise very unique, versatile and good value for money but also they have excellent customer service, making it a great shopping experience.

My first visit there was a pure coincidence. As I was walking around, I spotted the
Bolongaro Trevor dress in their display window, which I had been looking for, for weeks, having seen it in a magazine while in Europe.

Ever since that encounter, I’ve been very satisfied with all my purchases. Not only they are great quality but also they always draw compliments whenever I wear any of their pieces.

I have told my friends and family that they can find amazing pieces for any occasion and the most amazing thing is that if they do not want to spend a lot on one dress, they can just rent it and wear it to a special occasion while still being the belle of the ball.

We spoke to a few seasoned shoppers in Singapore about their favourite purchases

Ana Boutique

86 Club Street

6221 2897

I’m often attracted to jewellery that is avant-garde and tend to buy pieces with a wow factor. To me, jewellery can be a little like art selection. So when I first visited Ana Boutique on their opening night, I found myself a Rock Ring from the brand Appartement à Louer Paris. It’s bold gold, completely ostentatious and is a fun piece to wear both during the day and in the evening.

Ana Boutique has a fabulous range of Australian brands that are exclusive to her. It makes me a little nostalgic, as many of the brands you’d find along Oxford Street Sydney are all bundled into a single fashion house. Being able to shop in a roadside boutique, and not a mall, is also a huge plus for me. I find Club Street is the perfect place to visit for a ‘mummy’ treat every once in a while.

I’d definitely recommend Ana Boutique. Ana maintains frequent communication via her Facebook page and seems to be introducing new brands all the time. She’s also very warm and extremely helpful.

A word of advice though: don’t wait if there is a dress you fall in love with – it won’t be there next time you visit.


We spoke to a few seasoned shoppers in Singapore about their favourite purchases

66 Duchess Crest, Bukit Timah


I own quite a few pieces from Firefly and my personal favourites are the Cass and Celine dresses. They are so cool and comfortable to wear. I wear my Firefly dresses probably about five days a week! They are suitable for many occasions: either going to the shops or for going out.

What I love most is that Firefly is so wearable and perfect for this climate. I always get stopped and asked where I get my dresses. It is so hard to find nice cotton pieces in sizes that will actually fit a Western woman, but you can find them at Firefly.

What’s more, Firefly has such a wide range of styles, colours and prints. So, when I find a style that I like, I buy it in a few different prints and colours.

I have brought many of my friends and family to Firefly and they have left very happy customers. The great thing is that Firefly is online and ships internationally, so many of my friends go online and purchase.

The best thing is, you can go to Wendy’s (the Creative Director) house and shop. I first saw an ad in Expat Living magazine and noticed that Wendy lives in my condo. Aside from this convenience, I like going to her showroom, as she will recommend styles that suit me. She’s never too pushy. If something doesn’t look good, then she will politely nudge me in the direction of another style. It’s a very relaxed shopping experience. You try everything on in the comfort of her home and don’t feel obliged to buy. You can’t get this experience in the shopping malls.


We spoke to a few seasoned shoppers in Singapore about their favourite purchases

391 Orchard Road, level 2 Takashimaya Department Store


I have a lot of Caspoll items from a bright orange business card holder and an everyday black sling bag to various clutches. I like the brand’s simplicity of style with a touch of sophistication and elegance.

A friend first introduced Caspoll to me when I was looking for a simple clutch to go with my black dress for a party. I looked at a few luxury brands, but couldn’t find anything that captured my attention. Then I found this red clutch from Caspoll Style, which was perfect for the occasion. It is so versatile that I even wear it with some of my casual outfits giving them a classy look.

Caspoll accessories are fantastic as presents too. I have given my sister and a few friends Caspoll bags and they are now fans of Caspoll.

Functionality and style is a difficult combination, but you can get that with Caspoll Style. It has done wonders transforming my overall get up, especially on days when I am being absolutely minimalistic. Besides, it’s convenient to shop both online and offline. It is the service that makes shopping at Caspoll a pleasurable one.


402 Orchard Road, #02-05 Delfi Orchard

6737 8893

I always get my hair done at a salon in Delfi Orchard, which was how I chanced upon Satine for the first time. Every time I passed by the store on my way to the hairdresser, I always admired the dresses in the window display.

Finally one day, I got a chance to shop at Satine when I needed to go to a corporate gala dinner that my husband’s workplace organised. I was excited about getting something special for the occasion and I bought an evening dress, which was perfect for the event.

The design is unique and I went back and got more dresses as well as a top. Everything at Satine is different and the designs are very individual. Plus, it is really helpful when they always have a seamstress on hand who can do quick tailoring. That is a good service especially when you need to wear the dress soon. The quality is not just in their clothes but in the staff as well who are always helpful and friendly.

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