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Style guide: Dressing for your body shape in Singapore

Looking for clothes that amp up your body? The key to making the most of your figure is getting to know what shapes, cuts and styles suit you best. Read on for our tips and tricks for four common body types, plus ultra-flattering fashion finds from Singapore’s shops


If you’re curvy…
Choose clothing to accentuate your waistline, such as an A-line dress, or a top that’s more structured. Colour blocking and wearing a darker colour on your bottom half can slim the figure, and a cinched belt helps to emphasise the waist. Draped tops and wrap designs also look fabulous.

If you’re pear-shaped…
Similar to what you’d do for a curvy figure, use clothing to draw attention to the upper body, such as tops with power shoulders or lower-cut necklines. Layering and embellishment on top will balance out your bottom half, while A-line dresses are perfect for equalising the hips.

If you’re boyish…
To create the illusion of curves, always define the waist. A V-neck blouse will emphasise the cleavage too, creating a more feminine silhouette. Wide belts and frills will add shape, as will mixing fabrics and playing with textures, bold prints and intricate patterns.

If you’re petite…
Choose solid colours for daytime wear. Play with peplum shapes, pleats and textured materials to create more interest.


This story first appeared in Liv’s March 2015 issue.