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Stop paying Singapore prices for gifts! How to slash your costs when you shop online in the US

Live in Singapore for more than a few months and you’ll find conversation at dinner parties soon veers towards the cha-ching price-tag of making the world’s most expensive city your home. But, more often than not, there’ll always be that one switched-on acquaintance in the group that has worked the system and found the best ways to keep costs down. So what’s their trade secret? PacMe for one, an ingenious service that lets you shop online in the US, with the savings that entails, then expertly repacks your loot tightly into one box and ships it on to Singers – all for a fraction of what you’d pay if you were to buy everything here. 

That friend will probably also tell you that EL readers can sign up for a free account at Pacme.com and get a US mailing address (usually $40) by using promo code EXPAT, then gush about how amazing their customer service is and how you can add tax-free savings to already competitive US price-tags when you flash your personal Oregon postal address at checkout. Know-it-all!



They’re right, though. Whether you want to load up the present cupboard for the incessant stream of children’s birthday parties, get ahead of yourself for the Christmas rush, or treat yourself to a few new fashion and beauty must-haves, the benefits of using PacMe to shop online in the US (instead of hitting up Orchard Road in a hurry!) are many.

PacMe’s team will log your incoming purchases on their easy-to-use online system, scan the invoices, photograph your loot, and store it all for up to 90 days free-of-charge until everything arrives and you’re ready to ship. Once your spree is all present and correct, PacMe’s expert repackers will meticulously bundle your parcels into a single super-strong double-walled box, reducing the dreaded dimensional weight by as much as 80 percent in some cases. You can watch them work their repacking magic here.

And – you may want to share this logic with your spouse – the more you ship, the more you save. The first few kilograms of a shipment is always the most expensive, so it makes total sense to buy in bulk. Once your bundle of goods hits 10-15kgs, the savings with PacMe’s mates over at UPS, DHL, USPS and FedEx really kick in.



Want to find out more about PacMe’s services and fees? See their FAQs for details, drop them a line over at info@pacme.com or sign up for your free account at www.pacme.com (code: EXPAT) and get shopping right away!