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Stamford American International School Open House: Explore their Early Years Specialist Program on Friday 12 June 2015

If you’re working the school circuit trying to find that perfect curriculum for your little darling, then this is one date you won’t want to miss! Stamford American International School is holding an Open House for parents to understand more about their Early Years Specialist Program this Friday 12 June from 9am-11am.




You’ll meet the Superintendent Malcolm Kay, visit a few classrooms, explore their state-of-art Woodleigh campus (which includes three swimming pools, two indoor sports arenas, tennis courts, dance studios, a Golf Academy and a 500-seat theatre) and hear about the unique Global Mentor Program that has seen Nobel Laureates and Olympic Medalists engaging with students. Then there’ll be the chance to hobnob with the Heads of Early Years and Early Years Specialists (who are experts in their respective fields, you know).

Designed for Stamford’s youngest students between the ages of two and five, the Early Years curriculum focuses on learning through discovery and taps into something called the Developmental Interaction Approach (thanks Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson, John Dewey and Lucy Sprague Mitchell for the inspiration!) to engage and develop children’s physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive skills. Read on to find out how Stamford has all of these key areas of childhood development pegged!



1. Physical:

We’ve already raved about Stamford’s Physical Education Program and here we go again because it’s just so cool. Two- to-5-year-olds get stuck into the world-renowned SMART Steps and Perceptual Motor Programs, which assess and develop each little learner’s fine and gross motor skills and ensure they’re hitting their developmental milestones. Super fun, certainly, and super beneficial when it comes to classroom activities, too!

2. Social:

The way in which a child interacts with others is central at Stamford – you only need to look at the Early Years lunchtime table to know this! Two-to-five-year-olds take a seat at a family-style table where Chef Emmanuel Stroobant serves up an array of dishes (all nutritionally balanced, of course). This informal seating arrangement encourages children to watch each other, perfect their table etiquette and try the food their friends are eating. Bon appetit!

3: Emotional:

That all-important self-confidence booster – emotional connections are encouraged through specialist drama lessons from Pre-Kindergarten upwards. Children get lessons in movement, puppetry, physical and vocal expression as well as characterisation, while reaping the feel-good benefits that come from teamwork, imagination and creativity.

4: Language: 

The early years are instrumental in picking up language, increasing vocabulary and and shaping how a child communicates. Stamford knows this only too well and offers daily foreign language with a choice of Mandarin or Spanish – the most globally spoken foreign languages – as part of the core daily curriculum. Of course, reading, listening and writing are also key, with specialist library lessons from Nursery and phonics and writing skills starting in Pre-Kindergarten.

5: Cognitive: 

Music is at the heart of the Early Years program at Stamford, with specialist music lessons offered from Nursery and children joining the world-renowned Suzuki Violin Program (and learning the foundations of ensemble playing, no less) once they hit Pre-Kindergarten. Why? Because it’s been shown to dramatically improve holistic development and spatial-temporal reasoning, which just so happens to come in handy when it comes to subjects like geometry and calculus. Speaking of mathematics, Stamford’s Math Enrichment Program is just the thing for whizzes aged 5 and up!



Want to know more about Stamford? Register for their open house on Friday 12 June 2015 and snoop at the facilities and meet the faculty for yourself. RSVP now as there is limited availability!

Stamford American International School, 1 Woodleigh Lane, 357684; sais.edu.sg; tel: +65 6602 7247