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Spray tanning in Singapore: Salons and mobile services for glorious golden skin

By: Rachael Wheeler

I don’t know about you, but during my visits home, the first thing that’s noted by my family and pals is whether I’m tanned or not. Throughout my first vacation in the UK, my still-pale skin a hot topic: “Why aren’t you more tanned? You live in the tropics! What have you been doing all this time?!”. (“Oh, you know, there’s this small thing called ‘work’ that takes up a bit of sunbathing time”.) Needless to say, ahead of my second trip to London, I sat by the condo pool every weekend for a month. That time, everyone was all, “Ooooh, you’re so lovely and brown”, “Ooooh, I’m so jealous” and “Ooooh, you must be having the most amazing time”.

My arms have become a colour chart that is used as a measure of my happiness among my British friends and fam. So what happens if I don’t have enough time to commit to sun worshipping ahead of my third break – will I be disowned on the basis of my alabaster complexion? If only I could find a loophole – a way to gain a fabulous suntan in the space of 10 minutes… Oh.

Bronze up that booty
Bronze up that booty


Spray tanners in Singapore

Spray Tanner Hannah
9328 7674, spraytannerhannah@gmail.com, appointment only (outside work hours)After spotting a gap in the market, expat Hannah decided to set up her own spray tanning booth at home in Chip Bee Gardens (behind Holland Village) using Naked Tan. What started as a small-scale operation has transformed into a popular tanning hub, and she’s since acquired a tan-mobile (Frank the Tan-k) to brown-up pasty bodies across Singapore. She no longer works at home, but is happy to come to you with her portable equipment. Hannah has a full-time job, so her tanning hours are outside of normal office hours (yay!).

Bukit Timah Road (call for directions), 9825 1762, rachelglowspraytanning@gmail.com, Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm
Rachel at Glow offers an array of treatments using Sienna X, Su-Do and Fake Bake, plus has a selection of intensity percentages, so you can select the exact look you’re going for. Glow also offers spray tans for chaps, with special men’s underwear for that perfect line.

Mediterranean Goddess Tanning
1 Shenton Way, 9396 2050, mediterraneangoddesstanning@outlook.com, open every day, appointment only
Call ahead for this professional tanning salon, as they operate by appointment only (it’s easy to book up online) at their boutique in the CBD. The girls at MGT will give you a quick skin assessment and recommend either Mediterranean, honey-dipped, or lightly golden faux tans by Vani-T’s professional range from Oz. With customised tanning options for different skin types, MGT can switch up the strength of colour, plus you can stick to minimised areas if you like (arms only, legs only, face only and more). There’s also a top-up option after two days, plus a rapid tan option for those on the run.

Sylvia’s Secrets
559 Bukit Timah Road #03-01A, 6469 0833, plus 100 Turf Club Road, 6465 5338, every day (including public holidays) 10am – 8pm
Sylvia’s Secrets offer all sorts of treatments and therapies, making their salons in Singapore one-stop shops for everything a lady could need. There are three tanning options to get stuck into – but make sure you do the tanning after other treatments like manicures and massages, or you’ll risk getting streaky.

Mobile services, 9146 5980, info@tanathome.com.sg, every day, 8am – 9pm
While many of the above salons will travel to you, they often ask for a minimum of five or so bodies to work on. However, Tan@Home will travel across the island to see you, regardless of whether it’s a solo visit or tanning party. They do have a studio at home in Kew Crescent, Bedok, but most clients opt to pay $10 more for the mobile booth, which will scoot along to your home, hotel or office. Handy.

Pink Parlour 
Seven locations across the island*, head here to find your local salon, 6100 8266, every day, 11.30am – 9pm 
With a whole host of salons located across the island, from the centre to the ‘burbs, it’s easy to locate and book up a last minute tanning session at Pink Parlour. They have a range of treatments and three colours to choose from, plus you can take home top ups and boosters. *Note that spray tans are only available at Orchard Central, Nex , Tampines 1 and East Coast branches.