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Space-saving style for small homes


British entreprenuer Matt Levin of spaceman, a space saving furniture company, reveals his tips and tricks for fitting everything into an 800 square foot apartment. Here’s how to steal Matt’s space-saving style.

Multi-purpose furniture is what it’s all about. With lift-up leaves and internal shelving, the SM101 can be a six-seater table when you want it to be and nifty storage when you don’t. Plus, it’s got wheels so you don’t need to lug it around. $2,000; danishdesignco.com

Love the bed-cum-shelving unit in Matt’s apartment? Slumbershelves is available in single or queen size and is an itsy-bitsy 55cm deep. A nifty rotation reveals the bed or the shelves as you wish – voilà! $3,300; spacemanstore.com

Matt’s office moonlights as a bedroom, but if you simply want a no-frills desk, the scaled down Milk Mini is skinny in all the right places and yet has storage, too. $2,000; danishdesignco.com

A sofa bed need not lack style. Best upholstered in leather or faux leather, Citadine has a slim arm design and  a comfy spring mattress. From $2,800; Danovel

No space is wasted in Matt’s apartment. For an organised home, use boxes such as these on top of wardrobes, under beds or in cupboards. Kassett boxes; $5.90 for two; ikea.com/sg
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