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Sofa inspiration: Finding comfort and style

Did you know that the gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body? Clearly it’s important to rest that hard-working muscle, so why not do so on a great piece of furniture? Find out why these expats chose their sofas and chairs for some inspiration.

Rie Ruby and Christian Stentoft, Danish

‘We recently moved to Singapore and, as this is our first home together, we wanted to invest in something that would stay with us for the long run. We were looking for a sofa with high quality and timeless design, with the versatility to fit into any home or living space. As we are both Danish, and Danish Design has a legacy of having the exact qualities we look for, it was a natural choice for us to track down the store in Singapore. The customer experience was great. The staff were very helpful and flexible in delivering the sofa quickly, which was important to us.

Danish Design Singapore
“The beauty of this piece is that it’s not just pleasing to the eye and very comfortable, it’s also very functional”


We bought the Eilersen Play Tower in a dust-green fabric. The beauty of this piece is that it’s not just pleasing to the eye and very comfortable, it’s also very functional. Not knowing where we might be living three years from now, the fact that it is both a sofa and a daybed makes it versatile and able to fit in anywhere. Its back support is made up of adjustable cushions, which is ideal for both sitting and cuddling up in. The service and selection at the Danish Design store was excellent, and we will definitely go back there.’

Danish Design
#06-03 Century Warehouse, 100E Pasir Panjang Road
6270 8483 | danishdesignco.com.sg


Calvin Chong, Singaporean

‘I was looking for a 3-seater sofa for my new apartment. My apartment already had a mix of mid-century modern, industrial and rustic pieces. I started my search with some basic criterion in mind – modern design, black leather, preferably with a dark wood or walnut coloured base. I visited various furniture shops for close to three months before picking out the piece.


Calvin, sofas, home decor
“The sofa’s form is modern and understated, but creates a warm and inviting setting at the same time.”


I read about Kuhl Home while browsing home furnishing websites in Singapore and was pleasantly surprised by their wide selection of sofas. I visited the store multiple times and Karl (Regio) in particular was very attentive and patient in answering my questions in person and via email. He knew the products well, gave good suggestions and could explain the various unique selling points.

I purchased a 3-seater Bolia ‘North’ Sofa in Black Quattro Leather with an Oiled Walnut base. I am impressed by its quality made-in-Denmark construction which justified the time spent awaiting arrival. The sofa’s form is modern and understated, but creates a warm and inviting setting at the same time. Its black leather and walnut wood textures match perfectly with my dining set.

I’m not currently looking for other items at the moment, but am very happy with my purchase. Knowing that the sofa is built to last adds to the enjoyment. A sofa is a significant investment for your living space. Take time to view multiple pieces, gain a better understanding of your preferences and refine your choices.’

Kuhl Home
#08-01 Century Warehouse, 100E Pasir Panjang Road
6878 0180 | kuhlhome.com


Olivier and Pascale Moreau, French

‘We already had a sofa on our terrace but it didn’t really fit, so we replaced it with tables and two chairs from Dreamweave. Our home is very modern and spacious, with the kitchen and dining area leading to the outdoor terrace. We wanted to recreate the space into a jungle-like green area with many plants, so it was important for the new furniture to be suitable for that.

Outdoor Furniture in Singapore
Dreamweave’s furniture is perfect for our peaceful little jungle


We were lucky to find out about Dreamweave just by walking into Millenia Walk mall. The quality of their products is high, the prices are affordable and the colour of the chairs was exactly what we were looking for. Pascale and myself often sit on these chairs and have a drink when the kids are asleep, and our helper enjoys relaxing on them. The kids also love to play on them – we actually only bought one chair initially, but had to get another one because they fought over who got to sit in it! We’re definitely thinking of getting more chairs in the future, which guests will also appreciate. As for choosing what furniture to buy, it’s important to think about the atmosphere you want to create. For us, Dreamweave’s furniture is perfect for our peaceful little jungle.’

Dreamweave Concepts
#01-34 Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Boulevard
6333 1669 | dreamweaveconcepts.com


Kim, Canadian, and Tom, American, with daughters Kacey and Sadie Hartwig

‘When we moved to Singapore a few months ago, we needed to buy several pieces for our new place. We were looking for a couch that would fit the space and give us maximum seating. My friend had an amazing couch that was extremely spacious and comfortable. When I asked her about it, she referred me to Felicia at Gallery 278.

Couches Singapore
The couch has become a favourite spot for everyone in the house


After meeting with Felicia, I was convinced that this was the perfect piece for us. It’s a modular sofa that we can move around and make fit into any room. We were sold by its versatility. Felicia was extremely helpful when it came to choosing a colour, and also showed me how to put colours together to create different looks. I’m very pleased with the service provided and would recommend Felicia and Gallery 278 to anyone with questions regarding their décor needs. The couch has become a favourite spot for everyone in the house. It’s nice that we can all gather there at once. It’s a wonderful place to have a movie night and has allowed us to spend more quality family time together. As we’re settling in, I’m keeping Gallery 278 in mind for other pieces we may need.

Thanks to Felicia, we were able to find everything we were looking for – style, comfort and versatility. Our tip is not to sacrifice any of your needs when looking for a couch! ‘

Gallery 278
278 River Valley Road
6737 2322 | gallery278.com


Shoba Martin, Australian

“We already had two beautiful, traditional sofas that we had custom-made in Melbourne. Although they were still in excellent condition, their chenille covers felt too warm in the tropics. We wanted a fabric cooler to the touch, and so we sought out the Belgian linen from the House of AnLi. We read about it in Expat Living magazine – a wonderful resource! We chose a natural colour, a lovely white fabric with a cool undertone and a tight linen weave.

Sofa shops in Singapore
“We are thrilled with the newly upholstered sofas and have recently bought more linen for cushions from the House of AnLi”


We’re thrilled with the newly upholstered sofas and have recently bought more linen for cushions from the House of AnLi. The steel blue will coordinate beautifully with the new blue palette of the living room, as well as the new, vibrant and modern floral armchairs. I love Kit Kemp’s interiors, and had her designs in mind when we coordinated our living room’s makeover. During the entire fabric selection process, Panagiotis from House of AnLi was also patient and knowledgeable – truly a joy to work with.

My advice is not to rush the planning. Try to get large swatches of the fabric during the selection stage and make sure you review the fabric in situ. I once made a horrible decision of buying upholstery fabric based on a small swatch, and regretted it from the moment the chairs were delivered. Making a colour board is also helpful.”

House of AnLi
#03-13 Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Road
6235 3851 | houseofanli.com


Yvonne McNulty, Australian, with Mr Darcy on her lap and Bailey at her feet

“We were keen to replace our chocolate-brown sofa with one in a cooler hue to suit our new colour scheme. We needed a durable L-shaped sofa large enough for all four of us to sit comfortably. I also wanted a chaise, to make the room less cluttered. I paid King Living a visit after I saw an advertisement in Expat Living. King Living is incomparable for quality, price and service. The staff know everything about the product, they listen to your needs, and ask sensible questions which you often don’t think about until it’s too late. The delivery men are also expertly trained and their service is like nothing else I’ve experienced in Singapore for the past 11 years.

Sofa sets Singapore
“The dark granite colour is perfect for (sometimes messy) family living. The sofa is a dream come true for us and we love it”


We bought a Felix sofa with Touch Glide Technology and Gesture Control, designed for comfort with the Posture flex Seating system. Our Felix has smart pockets for the pocket accessory table and the sofa light, to hide all the cords away. The sofa’s seating parts can be extended for more space. The fabric is protected from fungi, mould and mildew and is also water, oil and alcohol repellent – absolutely essential as we live near the ocean. The dark granite colour is perfect for (sometimes messy) family living. The sofa is a dream come true for us and we love it. My best advice is that less is more – go for fewer pieces, but ones of extraordinarily high quality. To save time, do the measuring at home and go to the showroom with a floor plan and dimensions.”

King Living
#01-00 Hong Aik Building, 22 Kallang Avenue
6805 4198 | kingliving.com.sg


Paul, British, and Thi Liên, French, with children Joshua and Justine Margaillan

“We were replacing an old sofa and wanted something stylish, clean and modern-looking that would fit into our space. It also needed to be convertible into a spare bed for occasional use. We have used OHMM since arriving in Singapore almost ten years ago, and the experience is always a pleasure. Lilian and her team offer excellent but discreet service, allowing you time to ponder and form your own conclusions in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Singapore Sofas
“We have used OHMM since arriving in Singapore almost ten years ago, and the experience is always a pleasure”


Our new U-shaped sofa set with twin coffee tables was made to our exact size requirements. In our small conservatory style room, it’s important to gain as much seating as possible without feeling too cramped or claustrophobic. The result was exactly as we’d envisaged. We also have an outdoor dining table and six chairs from OHMM on a lower floor balcony. When the wood discoloured slightly within a few months of purchase, OHMM was fantastic. They arranged for collection, left us a loan set and completely re-stained the wood, leaving it as good as new. Nobody could ask for better service than that! It’s important not to be rushed into a purchasing decision.

Make sure you’re buying exactly what you need and want, not what the salesperson wants to sell you. At OHMM, you can always ask for something out of the ordinary or which is not displayed in the catalogues – they will usually find a way to satisfy your requests if at all possible.”

OHMM International
#03-09 Riverside Point, 30 Merchant Road
6836 2747 | ohmm.sg


Tan Lee Lee, James Soh and daughter Soh Jing Wen, Singaporean

“We were looking for a comfortable sofa that was easy to maintain. I knew of Pure Interior through my brother, who has worked with the boss Jestine on many projects. After they understood my style and budget, they did a presentation for the suitable furniture and overall left us very satisfied with their service.

Sofas in Singapore
“We are definitely enjoying the luxurious feel of the furniture in our new home!”

Besides the sofa and the armchair, we also got a coffee table, a dining lamp, a dining table and chairs, a circus night stand, a bed frame, a chaise longue, wall lamps, hanging lamps and a carpet. I was looking for soft, warm colours with a hint of fun. We chose furniture in earthy tones, with a splash of blue on the carpet and some gold detail on the sofa frame and the coffee table for a lavish touch. We are definitely enjoying the luxurious feel of the furniture in our new home! As we’ve just moved in, we may consider purchasing more accessories from Pure Interior – perhaps a table or floor lamp and some plants. Many people tend to spend a lot of money on the carpentry work when it comes to interior design; but furniture and accessories play a very big part in making a house feel like a home, so they shouldn’t be neglected. Home is where the heart is, and every little corner matters.”

Pure Interior
#01-01 Delta House, 2 Alexandra Road
6534 9043 | pureinterior.com.sg

This article first appeared in the July 2016 edition of Expat Living. You can purchase a copy or subscribe so you never miss an issue!

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