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Smartphone folk! How to make cheap calls from Singapore to ANY other country with Mega mobile

We’ve all been there. Scurrying around ION on a mission for a birthday present, when you realise you don’t know your nephew’s shoe size. Yep, and it’s the one who lives in Scotland. Oh and it needs to be sent yesterday if it’s expected to make it in time. A few texts later and your sister hasn’t replied, so you dial her number with a gulp, every minute costing more than your daily latte fix.

Unless, that is, you’ve been wily enough to download the Mega mobile app on your smartphone…!

Say what? Mega mobile is a nifty new service that uses your WiFi connection, 3G/4G connection or their call-through service to put you in touch with colleagues or cronies in far away places. The person you’re calling doesn’t have to have the app, but your call will be up to 90 per cent cheaper. The huge savings from your international phone bills will depend on where you’re calling.

Look how happy this ladette is about downloading Mega mobile

Think Germany from €0,045 per minute, UK from €0,025 per minute, France from €0,030 per minute and USA from €0,025 per minute. You can check out a full list of calling rates here (prices are in Euro as it’s a European company).

Now that we’ve sweetened you up, this is normally the part where we sneak in all the scary terms and conditions. Except there aren’t any this time. With Mega mobile, there’s no contract, no new simcard, no starting fee – you just register over here, buy a starter kit and top-up credit (starter kits now only €7,99 with a fabulous €10 of calling credit) and download the app on your Android or iOS smartphone.

The app synchronises with your contacts, making it oh-so-easy to track down your foreign friend/family/pet/other and get chit-chatting right away.

Don't mind if we do! 

Visit Mega mobile’s website for more details.