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Slimming techniques for men: Richard Lenton tests out Dandy House

Let’s dispel a myth: spa treatments aren’t just for women. We chaps need a bit of pampering from time to time as well.

So, when I heard that Dandy House, the Japanese spa chain for men (Miss Paris is the partner chain designed for women), was opening at Ngee Ann City, I thought I’d take a look. Dandy House is already a permanent fixture in all the major Japanese cities, as well as Shanghai and Hong Kong, so it was only natural for it to spread its wings to Singapore.


One of the most popular procedures is the 90-minute Signature Triple Burn Method, a slimming technique that uses specialised equipment in a three-step treatment to reduce the three different types of fats found in your body – cellulite, subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. I’m in decent shape, but, like my old school reports said, “could do better”, so I gave it a go.

Triple Burn makes it sound like an exceedingly painful experience, but that’s not the case. The procedure began with a weigh-in, followed by a ten-minute sauna. Nice. I was then wrapped inside a plastic sheet on a bed and wired up to a plethora of electrodes that fired electrical impulses into my muscles to tone and define the targeted areas. Honestly, it was more pleasant than it sounds.

As my stomach muscles were being worked to their limits (you can alter the settings between mild pulses and a heavy-duty ab-crunching blast), the lovely massage therapists got to work on my face – a big job, I can assure you. Dandy House’s 60-minute Signature Face Slimming Massage works deeply to instantly lift the contours of the face and improve the vitality of the skin. It’s far from being the most gentle treatment in the world, but the special hand massage and scrub made a noticeable difference.

A couple of hours later I was back in the sauna and then back on the scales. The results made interesting reading; my weight had dropped 1.3kg to 71, and my waist size – which was measured at three separate points – had also changed:

Waist: 83cm
Around navel: 84cm
5cm from navel: 86.5cm

Waist: 82cm
Around navel: 81.5cm
5cm from navel: 82cm

Dandy House also offers hair removal, acupoint therapy, deep cleansing and anti-ageing facials and foot reflexology.


I asked Elly Nakajima, senior office manager of the Singapore branch, for her scoop on the success of the business. She said: “Our Director, Akemi Shimomura, has helped change the common perception of aesthetic treatments. In the past, many beauty therapists in Japan were unable to explain how their own treatments worked because they weren’t backed by scientific research. Ms Akemi decided to create original aesthetic treatments based on science and university research. Over the years, Miss Paris and Dandy House have continued collaborating with scientists in Japan, using feedback from clients to create more treatments. Because of this, we can confidently explain to our clients how the therapies work, and show them the desired results.”