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Slimming in Singapore: Melt away fat with this new high-tech innovation

Most of us would like to have a more svelte silhouette. And although we know the formula to looking and feeling great, like eating a healthy diet full of greens, hitting the gym every week and making sure we get plenty of shut eye, they are habits that are easier said than done for most of us living life in the daily rat race and juggling multiple commitments!

Thankfully, there are other short-term solutions requiring much less physical effort! Cue Mendis Aesthetics Surgery, which specialises in the innovative EXILIS treatment, one of the latest non-invasive slimming treatments in Singapore with no downtime.

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EXILIS, which stands for “thin” in Latin, is a high-tech medical revolution. It delivers ultrasound and radio-frequency waves to contour your body and face in one hit (yes, it can be used on the face too!)

It eliminates the need for invasive surgery, particularly for patients with mild to moderate fat deposits, giving you the benefits of a procedure like liposuction, but without having to go under the knife.

So how exactly does it work? The ultrasound energy targets deeper fat layers, causing fat cells to separate and making them more responsive to treatment. The high frequency also brings about deep thermal heating to stimulate metabolic activity. Then, they use acoustic wave technology to drive the fat out through the lymphatic system. The result? That’s the best part: less dimpling and wobbly bits in just a few sessions.

What’s more, EXILIS also boots collagen in the skin using a special technology, resulting in a smoother, tighter complexion – a fantastic anti-ageing solution to reduce wrinkles in all areas.


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