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Singapore’s fastest profession

It’s often asked in the animal kingdom who’s faster – the cheetah or leopard. (It’s the cheetah in case you were wondering.) Have you ever wondered the same thing when it comes to the business world? Which profession sets the top pace – lawyer, journalist, marketer or bartender

J.P.Morgan Corporate Challenge, running, fitness

For those pondering such questions J.P.Morgan might have the answer. The J.P.Morgan Corporate Challenge is an annual series that brings together companies and employees from multiple industries in 13 cities, seven countries on five continents to run, jog or walk a 5.6km course. Singapore’s leg of the event happens 28 April.

So which industry is leading the pack? Proving they’re not only quick thinkers but also quick on their feet the legal profession comes out on top – finishing the course in 39 minutes and 11 seconds. It’s not an easy run for these legal eagles though with the Government sector close behind finishing in 39 minutes and 56 seconds. Anyone having to deal with a public servant might find this hard to believe.

Media hacks, while only ranking sixth, have shown the most improvement over the last three years. They’ve shaved an impressive 11 minutes and 37 seconds off their finishing time. The same can’t be said for those working in travel. Obviously too many beach holidays has lead to complacency, with the group’s times increasing by two minutes and 21 seconds across the board.

When it comes to age it appears 40 is the new 21. Men in the 40 to 49 category are the fastest for all male running age groups. No midlife crisis happening there at all. The opposite is true for women with those in their 20s leading the age categories. It’s little wonder they run circles around men their own age.

The J.P.Morgan Corporate Challenge is open to all industries and all age groups. The Singapore event starts at the Esplanade Bridge and finishes at the F1 Pit Lanes. Last year, 292 companies took part with 14,232 participants starting the race. We’re guessing the majority finished or made a bar pit-stop and forgot they were even in a race.

Oh, and the event is not only for the highly competitive (we’re looking at you lawyers). You can run, jog or walk. You can even dress up. We think the bartenders have the right idea, setting a social pace (hopefully with drink in hand) and coming in 30th overall.

Whatever your choice get ready for 28 April.

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