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Singapore Grand Prix ticket prices, options and early discounts

Tickets for the Singapore Grand Prix will be available to snap up from March 12 2014, saving you a hundred bucks or so if you get in there early. FYI you lot – 2014’s Formula One will take place from Friday 19 September – Sunday 21 September.

Singapore F1 Night Race Panoramic 

From March 12 until April, grandstand tickets can be bought for up to $200 less – with the most expensive ‘best seats in the house’ three-day pit grandstand tickets being discounted from $1,288 to $1,088.

However, the most popular, cheapest option – zone 4 walkabout tickets (which get you access to a large part of the track (no seats) and the post-race concert – will not be discounted for early buyers. You can snap them up from March 12, but the prices are a set $228 for three days or $188 for the Sunday, $158 for Saturday and $68 for Friday.

You can go for grandstand seats or stand in the walkabout zone 

There are also some new ticket combinations – if you want to mix up the seats and save a bit of money in the process.

Check out all the ticket prices, plus what sort of access you get here.

There’s been no announcements in terms of which artists will be performing at the F1 concerts, although we’ve heard a few rumours (which may well have been simply started by positive-thinking expats) about Beyonce and Justin Timberlake.

We’ve checked out Beyonce’s tour, and she’s unfortunately tied up in South America across the F1 dates. But Justin will be in Australia from September – October, and has no concerts scheduled on 20 and 21 Sept, so that could well be an exciting option.