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Simple ways to detox your life

Unnecessary and unwanted baggage weighs down both our inner and outer worlds. Here are some valuable tips on how to de-clutter both worlds, a must for living a life of freedom. Since your external environment is just a reflection of your inner one, begin by clearing your inner space first. Here’s how:

Detox your inner space

• Smell the roses. In other words, slow down the frantic pace of your life. This is the first thing to do to make all the other strategies effective. Life is not a race you need to run; there is no final destination. Remember that freedom and happiness cannot be achieved by running a mad race is being run after a seemingly elusive goal. Never mistake frantic activity for genuine progress.

• Live for today, fully. Yesterday is only alive in your own mind; the future is yet to materialise. The past cannot be changed and the future is uncertain. Don’t worry about what’s not under your control, work with what is. Remember, tomorrow never comes; when it arrives, it’s today.In this moment lies your true power to decide how you want your life to be. 

• We may passionately know what we don’t want in life, but do we know what we really want? Be clear about this; focus on it. Keep your mind free from all things you don’t want, since by thinking about them, you are actually feeding them. You are the creator of your life experience and you do it through what you choose to focus on. This is a powerful truth that can change your life completely if you apply it.

• Count your blessings – literally. All of us have things in our life to be happy about. Look to the sunshine and you won’t see the shadows of life. Write down 10 blessings of your life, then read them daily, with feeling. Don’t believe us? Try it and see.

Blame and resentment will weigh you down. If you truly accept responsibility for your life, you will spontaneously release all blame and resentment. Holding onto some hurt or hatred over what others may have done in the past makes you their slave in the present. Stay away from chronic moaners and complainers. The more you judge others, yourself and the world, the heavier you become: every judgement you make is extra weight you carry around inside your head. Adopt the principle “live and let live”. Detox your own inner and outer space and let others worry about their own happiness.

Detox your outer space

• Decide which room will be the top priority. No point tackling the whole house at once. Remember the saying “You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time.”

• Take a long, hard look at what you see in the room. Which areas are stagnant and full of clutter? Look at the corners and the things stuffed into closets. Are there any drawers which you never even open? If so, prioritise these.

• Set up a system of plastic boxes. Label them like this:

     “To throw away” (anything broken, irreparable or out of date)
     “Charity / giveaways / for sale”
     “For repair” (Be ruthless here! Only repair something you will use again)
     “Not in this room” (things that belong elsewhere)

• Group similar items together, but before you do this take a look at your items and decide what memories they hold. Do not keep things that you feel you ought to but don’t truly like – for example, an unwanted gift that was never your style yet is displayed to keep others happy. Only keep things with positive messages.

• Anything you haven’t used or have forgotten about over the past year gets given away. Unused things hold stagnant energy and also remind you of things you wanted to do, but never did. How many of us hold onto exercise machines or tennis racquets that we haven’t used for years? If you have a storeroom full of things that never see the light of day until you move house (only to be stored again), then you need to question why you hold on so much.

• All masters of feng shui agree that energy (chi) needs to circulate freely around your home, so the main entrance is vital as this is where energy enters your home. Remove all clutter from inside and outside the main door and hallway. Invest in neat shoe cabinets, remove any dead or dying plants, and invest in bright, welcoming lighting.

• Wardrobes and clothes need to be cleared at least annually. Categorise clothes according to use – long dresses, tops, bottoms, and so on. Also, colour co-ordinate your clothes as you hang them. You’ll get negative messages each time you look into the closet if you face clothes that are now too tight, so give away anything that doesn’t fit. It’s also harder to lose weight if you have negative reminders around.

• Piles of paper on desks literally weigh down your creativity and career progress. Too many personal items on a desk detract from work focus and create stagnation. Clear the clutter on your computer, too: trash unwanted emails and out-of-date files, and establish a clear filing and retrieval system.

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