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Showcase: Tour a huge apartment in the Leonie Hill Condotel


This 15-year old development, where Indian expat Anu Baloo lives with her husband and two children, has stacks more space than some of its more modern counterparts.

What brought you to Singapore?

Actually, this is our second stint here. The first was in 2000, when we relocated here from Chicago, and then again in 2005 after a brief stint in Hong Kong. My husband Shiv’s career in the oil business requires us to move around quite a bit.

Leonie Hill Condotel
Leonie Hill Condotel

Of all the areas (and condos) in Singapore, why did you choose this one?

Leonie Hill Road is really convenient for shopping along Orchard Road, and we chose this particular apartment because of its size – older apartments tend to have more space. Although we arrived in Singapore with only four pieces of furniture, we’ve accumulated a lot since then. 
This building was slated for demolition  a few years ago. It was saved at the last minute when they decided to renovate it instead.

Leonie Hill Condotel
Leonie Hill Condotel

What’s your favourite piece of furniture?

My teak altar. In India, every family has one, but mine differs from the traditional design. This one is based on a ratha – a wooden chariot on wheels used during Hindu festivals to carry temple deities – and my father had it made especially to house my collection of over 100 Ganesha ornaments.

Do you have any parting advice for newbies in Singapore?
As a consultant for relocation firm Orientations, I am very familiar with Singapore and have helped hundreds of families to settle in here. I always tell them that first six months are the hardest, especially for a non-working spouse. The best thing to do is to get a hobby, or attend gatherings such as coffee mornings where you can meet new people. I advise them not to try to recreate their lives back home, but to start a new one here instead.

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