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Showcase: Stylish home amongst Mount Pleasant’s Black-and-Whites

This house is in an idyllic setting. There is no hint of suburbia from inside the house, it is surrounded with greenery and overlooks its own private pool. This is a newer property set among some old Black
 and Whites, a theme that is reflected in the house
 through a fusion of antiques and new Asian furniture.

Jessica and her husband arrived here in 1995 for what they thought would be a two year ‘stint’ and have now stopped counting the years. She had lived an expat life with her parents so found Singapore an easy transition.


They arrived as an engaged couple with some ‘bachelor furniture’ which slowly “disappeared”. Now, every wedding anniversary they make a point of buying furniture or a special piece of art or sculpture to flag the ocassion.

Jessica acknowledges her initial reaction of wanting to buy everything was a pretty standard reaction to shopping in Singapore. In time her priority was to choose pieces that would suit her home in England.  Everything is about balance – a house predominantly furnished with Asian furniture and artifacts could look twee in Fulham. By introducing British antiques that were inherited from her in-laws, she balances and complements some stunning pieces bought in Singapore.

Dining Room Table – Through the entrance and left is a teak dining table that is Indonesian but not the standard fare. It is elegant and lighter in colour than most, but apparently is so heavy it’s the removal mens’ nightmare. This was bought from the Watten Cane Shop off Bukit Timah years ago.  They do still sell teak furniture at good prices.

A Philippine basket from The Stowaway Store sits on the table, and the Vietnamese laquerware on the nearby side table is from Cyclo.  Jesssica loves the lacquerware and as testament admits to having “loads of it!”

The movers are familiar with her. Originally they had a Black and White in Adam Park and then Mount Pleasant. The Mount Pleasant house needed to be renovated and after viewing this house with a friend, she knew straight away what her next move would be.

The hallway boasts an antique folding table and a small glass table which were both family ‘heirlooms’. The most striking feature as you walk through the door is a gong balanced between two teak figures. Its is Burmese dating from the turn of the century, Jessica bought it for her husbands 40th birthday from Apsara, Tanglin Shopping Centre.

The gong is positioned below the largest paintings I 
have seen this side of an art gallery. Striking colours are used 
to portray Chinese Characters and were bought from one of her favourite shops – Art Trend at Binjai Park. In the painting one Chinese gentleman is sitting on a tiger to show that he is incredibly wealthy,  (not to mention incredibly brave!). It is a real eye-catcher. The house has the perfect wall for these paintings. The living room roof height is right up to the second story with the bedrooms running off a high gallery. Great aesthetically but not practical with young children

Sideboard – This was one Jessica used at a Shophouse Fair to display her wares. (She designs and sells 100% cotton childrens’ nighties and pyjamas). She was so impressed with the smoothness and ease of the drawers that she had to buy it. It is very impressive and even though it’s Indonesian dark teak, would fit in with most styles and homes. Because the teak is old she isn’t concerned about how it will react to a different climate –  if and when that happens!

Living Room Furniture – The living area furniture has several origins. Two settees from the ‘Bachelor Days’ were re-upholstered by Lims in Holland Village. The armchair was designed and custom-made for them by Paul at Just the Place, Tanglin Shopping Centre. The antique chair in the hallway was also beautifully reupholstered by him.

The long coffee table that was left behind by the previous tenants in the old house, is displayed on a stunning Afghan carpet bought from one of the carpet shops in Dempsey Road.

Behind one settee is a semi-circular table placed so that the back of the 
settee is not facing the door as you walk in – creating good feng shui. This 
curve leads you to the stairs and a 
couple of magnificant beds in the bedrooms.

Beds – The spare room bed is from The Shophouse. Jessica’s guests say it is the most comfortable they have ever slept in. In her room is a four poster bed the couple also inherited from their old house as the previous tenants didn’t want to have to move it. Her Duvet covers and sheets are all from Linen Deco, which sells Belgian linen bedding and tea towels at fairs. Jessica says they are beautiful quality.

Bedside Drawers – These were also bought from the Watten Care Shop a few years ago but are not standard Asian fare.

Outdoor Furniture – Jessica bought the Balinese settees on the patio off a friend who was leaving. They were originally bought in Bali and shipped over.

And that’s the story of Mrs Mouse’s House. Mrs Mouse is the name of Jessica’s company. She is one of a growing number of expat wives who import or sell locally through the fairs.

And not to forget foood. Their favourite regular is the Thai Noodle House next to Coronation Plaza. It’s very low key and the food is great. She also enjoys ladies lunches at The Cellar Door on the other side of Coronation Plaza, Bukit Timah Road.


Watten Cane  
Art Trend
The Shophouse
Lim’s Arts & Living
(+65) 64668915
(+65) 67355018
(+65) 64687116
(+65) 63440100
(+65) 64671300
Just The Place
Thai Noodle House
The Stowaway Store
The Cellar Door
(+65) 67353389
(+65) 64675524
(+65) 64670104
(+65) 64657692
(+65) 64649909

If you want to sell through the fairs, here are some of the organisers  to call:

The Shophouse Fair
The Mandarin
(+65) 63440100
(+65) 6463 2441
The Hyatt Fair
The Orchard Hotel Fair 

(+65) 62353603
(+65) 6466 9590

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