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Showcase: Spacious family home near Pasir Ris Park

When they first moved here, Brits David and Jacqui Young settled in Chancery Lane, an area very popular with expats. They loved their chic, modern cluster house, but with the birth of their son Harry and, later, their daughter Lizzy, the couple decided to look for a more child-friendly environment and a proper house with a garden where growing children could run around and play.

Initially, David’s secondment with his company in the oil and gas industry was meant to only last a year or two, but, as often happens, his assignment was extended and the family has now been here six years. Their children Harry (5) and Lizzy (3) were both born in Singapore; they attend United World College (UWC) and Star Learners.


A New Direction

Jacqui had a thriving career with Intercontinental Hotels in the UK and was pegged to join the hotel chain in Singapore, but things didn’t work out as planned and she suddenly found herself in the position of being a trailing spouse.

After three months of unsuccessful job-hunting, Jacqui was reading Expat Living and thought how nice it would be to work for the magazine. Although she had no experience in publishing, she decided to try her luck; she approached the magazine to see if her experience in the travel and leisure industry might make her a suitable match. Co-incidentally, Expat Living was looking for a sales manager for its wine and dine, hotels and travel sections and Jacqui joined the team in August 2005.

“We have a great team”, says Jacqui, “and the original five core members who all started around the same time are still here. I work from home, which is great: I can plan my schedule so that I have time to spend with the children after school.”

A Wise Move

When the Youngs looked to move from their modern townhouse three years ago, one of Jacqui’s colleagues, Danielle, suggested they consider Pasir Ris. Danielle’s home overlooks lovely Pasir Ris Park, and Jacqui was impressed by its spaciousness, quietness and reasonable rent. By chance, one of the tenants was breaking their lease early and the Youngs secured their current home, a spacious, four-bedroom double-storey just minutes from Pasir Ris Park.

“It’s the best park in Singapore,” enthuses Jacqui. “It’s very shady, especially at the play areas, so the children can be out any time of the day. Friends love to visit us here. There are some good restaurants on the beachfront, and it’s a great spot to enjoy a quiet dinner with the family.”

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