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Showcase: Retro apartment in Bukit Timah

Bukit Timah
Bukit Timah


Interior designer Johnathan Lim had two considerations when formulating his approach to design: the great outdoors and an active lifestyle. Singaporean Ranjith Wijayaratna, who has a keen interest in sports and a love of nature, bought his new two-bedroom apartment in Bukit Timah last year and tasked Johnathan with giving it a facelift. Here’s what he did.

1. Although the living, dining and study-cum-exercise room merge seamlessly, there are subtle divisions between the three. A false ceiling that incorporates cove lighting is used to separate the living and dining areas, while the glass windows divide the study.

Rather than using built-in units, Johnathan gave Ranjith the flexibility to make future changes.

The feature wall in the living room is covered with textured, two-tone wallpaper, enhanced by halogen lighting.

2. The glass in the gym allows Ranjith to watch television while he rides his exercise bike, and the simple timber blinds allow him to control the view of the nature reserve outside.

3. The dining area is simple with few accessories. “Because the space is relatively small, I didn’t want to clutter the area,” Johnathan explains. The key pieces here are two Louis Poulson PH5 lamps, from Haier Living Boutique, which create a soft mood.

4. Black-and-white hand sculptures, from Haier Living Boutique.

5. The white-and-grey Fritz Hanson chair in the living area is from Space.

6. Johnathan injected bold black to give the master bedroom a masculine feel. However, not to neglect the sensual side of the owner, he also incorporated softer accents of white, including the Spun white table lamp, available at Space Furniture.

The black-and-white repeated floral pattern on the bed linen from Friven and Co. combined with the rug from Objet, soften the room and add a touch of romance.

Using a combination of silver-grey curtains and white organza, Ranjith is able to modulate the amount of light coming into the room.

Ranjith Wijayarantha
Ranjith Wijayarantha


Ranjith Wijayarantha:

‘I worked closely with Johnathan to produce a sleek and contemporary look for my living and dining areas – he was the consummate professional. He researched the furnishings, most of which came from Space Furniture, and provided expert advice on the selection of materials and fabrics to complement them. He even accompanied me on several buying trips.

The interior was completed with a modern, contemporary look to contrast with the backdrop of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

The work took about a month to complete and, more importantly, it was done on schedule. This worked out well, as I had to move out of my previous place at the same time the renovation works were to be completed.

I particularly love the master bedroom because of its masculinity, and the use of strong, bold black versus the white accent pieces. The selection of bed-linen and curtains softens the mood and adds a touch of sensuality to the space.’



Haier Living

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#05-01 APS Industrial building


Space Furniture

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