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Showcase: Balinese-style home on Singapore’s East Coast


It’s amazing that this style of house can be tucked away in the East Coast, Singapore. You really don’t get the feel of the house until you enter the central courtyard.

In true Balinese tradition the house is made up of a neat
 fitting series of separate buildings. In this case there are
 three buildings – the first holds the pub and social area over looking an amazing pool. A guest-room with a divine bed from the John Erdos Gallery is nestled above. It’s a very cosy room with a sloped roof and ensuite bathroom. It feels more like an English Country cottage than a Balinese resort.

East Coast
East Coast


Elizabeth and her family live here. Not Expat Balinese but Exotic Americans who have lived all over the world including England. The decor reflects their multi-cultural career path and they have introduced furniture that fuses cultures rather than opting for a pure Balinese feel. They have also collected some amazing antiques on their travels.

The kitchen and living area run along the side of the pool. The living areas mix an English/French style dining set. The upholstery on the living room furniture set was tailored by Straight Up, the three red Chinese cabinets and boxes are from Apsara and her carpets are all from Hassans Carpets. Looks like Tanglin Shopping Centre, which houses all three stores, has profited from Elizabeth’s stay in Singapore!

Elizabeth’s favourite artist is Kim Pattern, a Canadian, living and working in Jakarta. Her large paintings are both from the Rudana Museum in Bali.

A number of bedrooms run above the living room. I actually lost count of how many there were – a little disconcerting when you are used to the standard Singapore size home.  One room, the Lego Room, was a full time play room. Great when you don’t want to pack it away every day! The youngest boy’s room has a bed that was made in Indonesia designed from a photograph of her husband’s childhood bed.  A good idea if you can’t find what you want ready-made.

Beautiful orchids are regularly replaced by Katong Orchids for $10.00 per pot, so that the master bedroom and living room 
is always filled with gorgeous colour. 
The orchids in the bedroom are in blue and white pots on a Chinese stool also 
from Apsara. These orchids are placed strategically in the window to accentuate the beautiful colours as well as to be reflected by a full length swing antique mirror from New Orleans.

Above the master bedroom (which houses an antique four poster bed from the U.K) is a room used by Elizabeth as a 
walk-in wardrobe. It has the feel of  a stage dressing room. 

The ‘grand but homely’ family room is at the opposite end of the pool to the pub.  Filled with large natural colour leather settees, the children love to lounge in this room in front of the large television. If there’s nothing exciting on T.V., this room is also home to the family computer with the latest games. Looking out to the pool from here you can see a tiled table for two that was bought in Bali  – ideal for sundowners.

It’s a great house for entertaining and for dinners around the pool. Their last major function was catered externally by Cleopatras. Elizabeth was very impressed with the food and service. Most recently they held a Mardi Gras party which was hi-jacked by strong wind blowing the balloons and decorations everywhere. Too much of a breeze is not normally a complaint in Singapore.

This home is exceptional not only because of the size, style and setting, but also 
for the careful linking of European, American and Asian artwork and furniture – with stunning results.

Elizabeth’s shopping tips


Hassans Carpets      
Straight Up             
Katong Orchids        

Hedgers Carpet        

Jane’s Arts & Craft    
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