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Shopping in Singapore: The Urban Everyman

Eight of the best pit-stops for men’s fashion on the island
Eight of the best pit-stops for men’s fashion on the island

Many men don’t enjoy shopping, so they want to get it over with as soon as possible. Here’s our guide of reliable places for an instant wardrobe update, so you can look good without having to spend all day trawling the malls.


Of all the high fashion houses, Dunhill is the mightiest and most gentlemanly in its appreciation for trends. It creates clothes and accessories that whisper effortless style and last well beyond their season. If you think Italian or French designs are too flamboyant, or if you’ve just been given a bonus, stop here first.


Banana Republic
Singapore’s answer to a smart casual dress code. You won’t be making any strong style statements if you’re decked head to toe in these togs, but their staple shirts and chinos will ensure you look well turned out. 


The British university student favourite becomes a bit pricier when it’s converted to dollars. Fairly fashion-forward, it’s a firm favourite with Singapore’s more, shall we say,  flamboyantly dressed – but don’t judge this shop by those who shop at it.


7 For all Mankind & G-Star
Luckily, these two shops are right next to each other in ION. And there are three practical reasons to justify spending $400 on 7 For all Mankind jeans. They fit like a glove, they make your butt look great and they’ll last forever. G-Star’s garb will take you from whatever outfit you found on your bedroom floor to no-effort street chic with, er, no effort!


Super Dry & T-Bar
If your sock draw is fuller than your bank account, hit T-Bar for a cheaper T-shirt update. And if you prefer your brands on the outside instead of on the inside label, Superdry has loads of slogan tees. 

The ultimate one-stop store for inexpensive fashion staples – buy everything in ten minutes, but don’t be surprised if you see half of Singapore wearing the same T-shirt. 

Who cares if your stamina on the footy pitch doesn’t match your footwear? At least you’ll look like a pro. And now that Stella McCartney has designed her own collection for Adidas, you can try passing your sweatpants off as high-end fashion. We can’t guarantee your girlfriend will buy that one, though.

Finally, the one-stop mall
Cathay Cineleisure Mall, Orchard. It’s got Beluga for smart casual, Adidas for sportswear, Leftfoot for shoes and Fred Perry for more money than sense.

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