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Shopping in Singapore: Navigating Novena

Although Singapore is such a small island, it’s still a real pain to have to cross it several times just to visit the few shops you know you like. That’s why we’ve put together a series of handy sartorial guides to shopping by area. Novena is the first – watch out for future instalments on Bugis, the CBD, Holland Village and more.

NOVENA (within a 10-minute walk of the MRT station)

Staples are the kinds of clothes that hit the washing basket at least once a week. We wear them without thinking, but miss them a lot when we don’t have them. Velocity Novena has a few staples shops that won’t break the bank. Cotton On (#01-48), Levi’s (#01-23), Esprit (#01-3), Charles Keith (#01-35) for accessories, and if you must, Giordano (#01-13).

If you don’t mind hunting, Novena Square 2 has quite a few local boutique shops with the odd gem. There are 28 of these petite fashion dens selling mostly one-off Korean imports in mini-sizes and a few that stock a UK 14 (US 12, Australian 16 and French 42). For cocktail dresses and accessories, head to Ns’ Boutique (#01-168) and for something more cutesy (think Peter Pan collars, lace and cotton umbrellas) try Tara (#01-42) or neighbouring store Lemode (#01-01-43). Z.O.E.O (#01-141)has a more Western approach to tailoring, with wrap dresses; and Essue 21 (#01-137) has some finds, but sizing is potluck.

Velocity Novena
is the home of sportswear, with 19 sports shops selling everything from workout wear to swimming and mountain-climbing gear. You’ll find big brands like Nike (#01-69), Puma (#02-56) and New Balance (#01-39) as well as multi-brand stores such as World of Sports (#02-68) and Outdoor Life (#02-60). Our favourite has to be Adidas Outlet (#02-30), which stocks the full range of Stella McCartney sportswear. If you’ve got to get sweaty, you may as well do it in designer style.

With only a few cheap lingerie shops, the Novena area lacks a place to buy quality bras and swimwear – obviously, the ubiquitous M&S hasn’t discovered this area yet. Please do let us know if you find one; email editorial@expatliving.sg.


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