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Shopping for your dining room in Singapore: Top 40 picks


The days of families gathering for a group meal around a dining table in Singapore seem to be disappearing. More commonly, individual family members eat at different times, or in front of the telly – even in the office or bedroom. It’s a shift that will have an increasing impact on society, according to a BBC report. 

We don’t want this now, do we? So let’s make our dining areas as cool, appealing and comfortable as possible. 

When it comes to choosing a table, make sure that it’s the perfect height for the chairs – even in matching sets this is something that’s often not quite right. Buying ad hoc pieces from different outlets can make it even more difficult to achieve this balance.

Many new homes and apartments have smaller dining rooms; if that’s the case, be sure to choose something that’s not too “heavy”. Anything that can have multiple uses or can be shifted easily is good too. 

Click through the gallery above for 40 snazzy ideas for dining in style here in Singapore.