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Shopping for teenage fashion in Singapore’s malls

shopping for boys 

By Kirra Drapper, Australian teenager and avid Singapore shopper.

Boys, there are some of you who cringe at the dreaded S-word – shopping. It possibly evokes some ghastly childhood memory of your nagging mother dragging you through hours of endless stores until finally settling on that hideous sweater she always made you wear.

Or maybe you don’t feel that panic when confronted by the mall. Maybe you consider shopping to be boring, dull or simply not your thing. But the reality is, unless you’re planning on joining a nudist colony, shopping is inevitable.

For those of you who enjoy the freedom of dressing in whatever style you please, having a variety of stores to choose from will be more an opportunity than an obstacle. For those of you who find it a problem, I have done the work for you.

Here is a helpful list of the best places to shop for teen clothing. All you have to do is plug in your earphones, follow these directions and you’ll be out of your personal hell in about an hour.



For those of you who “dress to impress”, I highly recommend Topman. The stock is reasonably priced, and the store holds frequent sales. It offers a variety of styles and fashions, particularly the classic “Pop-Art” look.

Wisma Atria , 435 Orchard Road #02-18, MRT : Orchard.


If your look is casual, this Australian brand is perfect for clothes for mucking around in. It’s the best in surfwear, and dressing in Quiksilver shows status on the beach.

Marina Square, 6 Raffles Blvd #03-140, MRT : City Hall (walk through CityLink mall).    



Another notable and noticeable brand, Diesel specialises in vintage washed-out and classic looks. Its stock is iconic for its faded jeans and trendy styles.

Paragon, 290 Orchard Road #02-17, MRT : Orchard.



Need I really mention it? Since the rise of the emo generation, it’s rare to find a teen out there who does not know of the ultimate shoe. For those few of you who don’t know, Converse is one of the most publicised shoe brands. You’ll be pleased to know that Converse shoes are not unreasonably expensive and are long-lasting.

Heeren , 260 Orchard Road #02-05 (MRT: Somerset)
VivoCity, #02-59 (MRT: Harbourfront) 


Some of you may have avoided entering Zara because you know it’s expensive. But boys, it’s worth it. If you hate shopping, then buy clothes that are going to last you a while. Don’t be afraid of spending lots of money – I guarantee, Mummy will be more than willing to help out if you actually come home with nice clothes for once. Zara offers a variety of stock focusing on the uptown indie look.

Wheelock Place , 501 Orchard Road, MRT : Orchard.