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Shopping for outdoor furniture in Singapore: Choosing the right weather-resistant furnishings

Sandra Pineda, Mexican
Sandra Pineda, Mexican

We recently moved to Singapore and were looking for a comfortable and modern outdoor sofa that required little care. As our existing outdoor furniture had to be kept indoors during the rainy season, we wanted something that needed less maintenance and was of high quality as well.

After visiting several furniture shops, we kept returning to Danish Design because we liked its range, quality and style. Although we loved the Grid model, it was too big for our balcony, so we decided to shop from the Tray collection, which is gorgeous too. This cosy furniture is modular in design, so it can be arranged in many different ways.

Apart from the three-seater sofa, we’re eyeing up the ottoman and the television console – and the new coffee tables Danish Design has in are also lovely! We’re thinking of getting a white leather table with two chairs to add to our balcony, too.

The standard of service at Danish Design is excellent. The staff enthusiastically offers us lots of different ideas on how to mix the colours and cushion types. Every time we go there, they are very kind and patient, even when we have with us our two active boys who go around sitting on all the sofas in the showroom.

Danish Design

100E Pasir Panjang Road, #08-01
6270 8483 | danishdesignco.com.sg

Anne-Louise Minter, Australian
Anne-Louise Minter, Australian


After relocating, we wanted to find new outdoor furniture that was durable, comfortable and space-efficient. We had two spaces to fill: one was a large terrace area with a tricky shape, the other a smaller space on the other side of the house.

The furniture at Teak & Mahogany definitely fit the brief. They have a wide selection of designs and materials to choose from, so you can always find something to suit your requirements. About eight years ago, we had a pleasant first experience purchasing furniture from there, and the outstanding service we received this time was no different. The staff listened to our needs and recommended pieces that enhanced our outdoor area. Suzan and Kris were professional and knowledgeable; they constantly updated us by email and phone.

We will surely return to Teak & Mahogany to look at some of their larger modular furniture for our family room. I am also looking forward to visiting their showroom to select a few of their beautiful accessories to complement the furniture we have chosen.

When choosing outdoor furniture, I feel, one key question to ask is whether the pieces can really withstand the weather. It’s also important to measure your space beforehand and draw a rough plan of the area to ensure that your choices are suitable and feasible.

Teak & Mahogany

100E Pasir Panjang Road, #07-02/03/04
6273 8116 | www.teakandmahogany.com

Angela van Nielen-Janus, with mother-in-law Asta Björnsson, Dutch
Angela van Nielen-Janus, with mother-in-law Asta Björnsson, Dutch

Our first experience with Woody Antique House was when we lived in Singapore 12 years ago and we bought an antique Chinese cabinet, a red wedding cabinet, a bench and a chair. Since then, we have moved to several countries and taken Woody’s furniture along with us.

After returning to Singapore last August, we were looking for an outdoor lounge set for our terrace. We have a medium-size terrace, and the lounge sofa has to fit right under the balcony so that it doesn’t catch too much rain. We also wanted something that would not block the sliding doors.

After shopping around, we found that Woody Antique House was the only store that had the Domus Ventures pieces that we wanted. We like the rattan look of the set we chose, as well as how comfortable it is. On our next visit, we may get one of the Gongfu benches or the Lucky 8 console tables. I also like the ladders used for hanging towels – they seem like a convenient and handy way to dry towels after a swim in the pool.

The service provided by Woody Antique House is professional, fast and friendly.

One piece of advice I have for those looking for outdoor furniture is to be sure to check if the pillows are weatherproof.

Woody Antique House

13 Dempsey Road, #01-05
6471 1770 | www.woodyantique.com


This story first appeared in Expat Living’s June 2015 issue.
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