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Shopping for mattresses in Singapore: How to sleep better with the right bed

Advice from Sylvestian Yap, general manager of European Bedding, on how to maximise sleep with the right mattress.


Why is it important what type of mattress a person sleeps on?
We spend one third of our lives in bed and we keep a mattress for five to 10 years on average. A good mattress contributes to a good night’s sleep which, in turn, determines how we perform and concentrate during the day. So a good mattress is very important.

Hard or soft, what’s best?
A common misconception is that a mattress must be hard to be good. When you sleep on a hard mattress, two points support all your bodyweight: your shoulders and your middle (the two parts of the body that stick out). This causes bad blood circulation and tossing and turning during the night.

A mattress can be slightly firmer or softer depending on bodyweight and personal preference, but the most important thing is that it totally contours your body and gives you support. Giving support is different from being hard. A supportive mattress is elastic and adapts to the shape of your body. It supports the concave parts of the body and keeps the spine in its natural position.


Tell us a bit about European Bedding’s latex mattresses here in Singapore.
We have a range of latex mattresses – natural, organic and blended, and soft, medium and firm – available in all sizes (Singaporean, European, Australian and American). All our covers are removable and cleanable; some can be washed at up to 95 degrees Celsius and some can be dry-cleaned.

Latex provides the perfect combination of comfort and support. It feels soft and comfortable when you lie down and then, as you sink deeper, the elastic force provides you with perfect spinal support. Latex is a product of natural origin, so you can sleep without worries about radiation or chemicals. It’s also an anti-allergenic, anti-dust mite and mould-resistant material, which is good news for allergy sufferers.

Importantly in the heat of Singapore, latex is cooling; it has an open cell structure and the cores are constructed with small pinholes on top and at the bottom that ventilate the mattress.

Rubber trees, where latex originates from

And your mattresses are customisable?
Yes. Many people now prefer longer mattresses; 200cm, for instance, or even up to 220cm. We can also customise the firmness and we can provide different firmnesses on the left and right of a king- or queen-sized mattress for you and your partner.

You also sell bases and pillows. Tell us a bit about those.
Sleeping comfort is determined by three elements: mattress, pillow and bed base. These three must match. With a slightly softer mattress, for example, you might need a lower pillow or one that allows you to sink in more. The base is also very important. We provide bases with ergonomic, flexible slats that can be fitted in bed frames or stand alone, as you wish. Flexible beechwood slats enhance the back support that you get from your latex mattress. They work together to adapt to the contours of your body. Slats can also be set from soft to firm according to your personal preference.

Buy directly from the European Bedding website or fill in the online form to arrange a viewing at the showroom on Grange Road. 9654 3228

Try before you buy
To eliminate the risk of buying the wrong mattress, European Bedding lets you sleep on a mattress for one month at home; if you’re not totally satisfied, they’ll replace it.