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Shop more, ship more, save more! The money-saving trick for the online shopper

We don’t need to tell you about the plentiful perks of shopping online in the US versus a spree on Singapore soil – price-tags are way cheaper, there’s a far better selection and you don’t need to max out your FitBit trekking around mall after mall. But what you may not know is that, when it comes to getting your goods here, the real savings come to those savvy shoppers who wait until they’ve got a tidy wishlist of purchases, hit up multiple online retailers and then call upon the services of shipping forwarders or consolidators such as PacMe to handle the logistics. So, how exactly does shipping more cost less?

When it comes to online shopping, go big or go to Orchard Road!
When it comes to online shopping, go big or go to Orchard Road!

If you’re on first-name terms with the postman and your modus operandi has been to ship smaller parcels, regularly signing for everything from clothing and trainers, to health supplements and pet supplies one at a time, you may be missing out on the real savings of shopping overseas. Yes, it may mean exercising willpower, but waiting is wise since the first few kilograms of any shipment are always the most expensive. Bundle your goods together, however, and when your stash hits at least 10kgs (22lbs), you’ll cash in on lower shipping fees as the savings with PacMe’s pals over at UPS and FedEx really kick in.

Once your haul arrives at PacMe’s Oregon warehouse, their team of super packers will huddle it all into a single super-strong, double-walled box, poring over each shipment to figure out the best way of repacking the items so that wasted space is kept at a minimum. The result? The overall shipping weight (and hence your bill) is cut in half in most cases! Watch them work their repacking magic here.

FYI: Wondering about GST? While smaller shipments may avoid tax Singapore-side, the math typically favours shipping savings over the GST hit on larger parcels.

To start shopping the PacMe Way, simply sign up for a FREE account (valued at $40) over at www.pacme.com using promo code EXPAT and you’ll be presented with your own sales tax-free US postal address that you can add to checkouts across stateside sites. PacMe will then log each of your incoming packages, scan the invoices, upload photos of the items and store it all for up to 90 days free of charge until every last one of your orders have been ticked off. And, if you have any queries, there’s a dedicated chat box for every package to discuss any issues or you can drop owners Ken and Randy an email as they personally handle the customer service side of things.

pacme.com | info@pacme.com | facebook.com/pacmeusa/

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