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Sentosa showcase: Florist Taryn shows us around her ocean-side apartment

Taryn Melia’s life is blooming, literally. She has replaced the long, hard hours of a career in finance with the beauty and serenity of a florist business; and an old, dark  semi-detached home with an ultra-cool apartment overlooking the sea.

Did relocating to Sentosa turn out to be a smart move?
Yes – our whole lifestyle has changed for the better. It’s amazing.  Previously, we would get home late, feeling very stressed, eat something and then blank out in front of the TV for a couple of hours. We just didn’t want to think, and we interacted very little. Since the move, we go swimming or walking and we rarely switch the TV on.  We feel healthier and more active and definitely more at peace.

On the weekends, we ride our bikes to The Shack at Tanjong Beach for a glass of wine – it’s  really nice. And though people think we live a long way out, it doesn’t feel like that. Recently, we arranged to meet up with some friends at Rochester Park; they were coming from Grange Road, but we beat them there!

This is a fantastic sea view. Can you swim off here?
I wouldn’t recommend it. I saw some guys kayaking off here and they were having a tough time. The channel currents are very strong, and sometimes even the tugboats struggle.

It’s not hard to see what motivated you to resign from your job in foreign exchange last November and move into flowers. How is that going?
I used to spend long hours in the office and had an intensive travel schedule. What’s more, I had to be pretty tough in the workplace, so it was pretty stressful. After ten years of that, I needed to get away from it all and clear my head.

This time off has been wonderful.  It took me a while to calm down, though – I spent the first two weeks pacing up and down and didn’t know what to do with myself. Then my husband took some time off between jobs and we went on a few trips, I spent time with friends I had lost touch with because of my work hours, and things started to fall into place.

Flowers have always been a passion of mine, so I decided to start a business that regularly delivers fresh flowers to your door.  I love putting the arrangements together: they’re not the standard kinds of arrangements, but often a simple mix of gorgeous colours.  It could be a casual combination of blooms or a more dramatic centrepiece – whatever fits your home and style.


I love the way you’ve furnished this place to keep it simple and cool.
Our last house was an old semi-detached near Jelita. There was a lot of space to fill and we went a bit overboard, with a lot of Asian-style furniture and too much of everything.

We knew our furniture wouldn’t fit this place, and we wanted a much cleaner look.  We sold quite a bit and gave away what we couldn’t sell, but our beautiful eight-seater dining table from John Erdos is in storage; we couldn’t bring ourselves to sell that – we love it.  Luckily, even though it’s a modern flat, the bedrooms are large enough for our John Erdos bedroom furniture.

The dining table on the balcony overlooking the sea is a synthetic rattan one from Outdoor Culture in Ang Mo Kio. They had a really good selection and the price was right. The two leather chairs on the balcony from Asiatique Collections are so comfortable and relaxing.  We also had Asiatique Collections custom-make the coffee table. Also from there is the corner piece; it was my choice – I wanted some creative storage with shelves. The guys there are just great, they even came round and helped us place the furniture.

I love the design of the cream sofas from Natuzzi, and they are so comfortable. We lie and read on them – and have afternoon snoozes, too. This time, we kept the TV out of the living room so that it would not become the focus and detract from our beautiful view.

Everything we have now would work in an Australian home sometime in the future – whenever that may be.

Which restaurants do you enjoy going to?
I was impressed with Krish at Rochester Park: fantastic Indian-Western fusion, very eclectic with great décor. Its large upstairs deck could become a favourite Friday night hangout.

I’m still a big fan of Oso and I love Il Lido. Kha at Hort Park is spectacular for Thai food – the wine’s a bit pricey, but otherwise it’s just gorgeous

Done much travel recently?
We’ve just had a magical white Christmas at a friend’s chalet in Verbier. It was our first Christmas without family, so quite a novelty. We still had three weeks before Johnny started his new job, so we went straight from Switzerland to Noosa, which is where I grew up. I always find it so relaxing there; we just sat on the beach.


With you being Australian and Jonny being Irish, how did you meet?
It’s a bit of a Sliding Doors story. When I worked in London for Morgan Stanley I had a good friend who flatted with an Irish guy who I was supposed to meet on several occasions. He even plotted out a trip that a group of us made to Ireland, but we never met up.

Years later in Sydney, we met and started dating, but only when we moved in together and we started looking at photo albums did we make the connection!


Home Décor & Accessories

Asiatique Collections
+65 6471 3146
14A Dempsey Road

Da Vinci (for Natuzzi furniture)
+65 6738 6333
10 Tanglin Road

John Erdos
+65 6735 3307
7A& 7B Dempsey Road

Living Colour (Flowers)
Taryn Melia – +65 9446 1141

Outdoor Culture
+65 6481 6301
#05-15 Sing Industrial Complex
32 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2

Wine & Dine

Il Lido
+65 6866 1977
27 Bukit Manis Road, Sentosa Golf Club

+65 6779 4644
9 Rochester Park

+65 6476 9000
33 Hyderabad Road, HortPark

Oso Ristorante
+65 6327 8378
46 Bukit Pasoh Road

The Shack
+65 6274 2288
Tanjong Beach, Sentosa

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