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Sentosa Cove, Singapore: A resident’s guide to living, eating and shopping


Frances Cornelius, Australia

Where did you live when you first came to Singapore?

I arrived from Melbourne over five years ago and settled into a black-and-white house in Seletar Camp with my husband, two teenage children, a couple of dogs and an aged cat. We lived there until fairly recently.

Why did you move to this area?

Seletar is developing into an aerospace hub, which means that the majority of the tenants in the black-and-white houses will have to leave. We were asked to vacate ours by the end of this year, and we moved to Sentosa Cove in May. We chose Sentosa because my teenagers wanted to be closer to the action, and my husband Paul wanted a shorter commute. Another motivation was our boat, which is moored at the One Degree 15 marina on Sentosa.

Best thing about living in this neighbourhood?


The access to beaches, bars and restaurants. What’s more, it is noticeably cooler here with lovely evening sea breezes, and there are no snakes or mosquitoes. We love walking our dogs along the beach and cycling to the marina. Very few people live in this area at the moment, so it is very quiet during the week, although on weekends Sentosa becomes a hive of activity. The beaches, parks and bars are packed.

What’s missing from your local area that you would like to have?

A convenience store within walking distance. And a post box – there is not one on the island.

Any drawbacks to living in this area?

Most of Sentosa is under construction. New hotels, apartments, restaurants and a theme park are all being built simultaneously, which makes the bridge and the roads very busy at times. Ongoing developments at Sentosa Cove make it feel as though we are living on a construction site during the day. But in the evenings and on Sundays, when the roads are clear, there is no noise and we can hear the waves. But the 40km speed limit is frustrating at times.

Why this specific home?


We chose a ground floor apartment with lots of balcony space. That gives the dogs easy access. The apartment is high-quality with great sound-proofing, which is important if you have teenagers. Also, these apartments have mooring, so we can now moor the boat outside the back door.

What facilities were important to you?

Having enough space. After Seletar, though, everywhere seems small. This place has a good pool and gym, big balconies for barbecues and entertaining, and interesting walks for the dogs along the beach wall.

Your favourite local leisure area?

The club at One Degree 15 is very close by and we use it often. It has three or four good dining areas, an unusual glass swimming pool and a gym. And, of course, the harbour is a wonderful place to sit and watch the sunset, and to watch boats and tankers passing by.

Your preferred local shopping centre?

VivoCity is new and innovative. It has the usual range of shops found in most malls in Singapore, but also has among them smaller shops and outlets that sell different and unusual items. It has a huge cinema complex, plus countless bars and restaurants.

Favourite restaurant for a special night out?

We love Aburiya for yakiniku – Japanese barbecue – where you can choose from a range of meat and fish to cook on hot coals that are set into your table. They have two locations, one in Holland Village and another at Robertson Quay. For a romantic night out, Osso on Tanjong Pagar has wonderfully authentic Italian food.

Favourite “cheap and cheerful” restaurant?

The Bikini Bar on Siloso Beach, where you can sit back and enjoy the lights, music and fireworks from the Songs of the Sea show next door. It has great pizza, chicken wings and spaghetti alio olio.


Aburiya Japanese, Holland Village
Aburiya Japanese, Robertson Quay
Rosemary at Sweenys Hair Salon,
Holland Village Shopping Centre
Cuba Libre Café and Bar on Clarke Quay
Comedy Club at Emerald Hill
Companion Animal Surgery
The Shophouse, Gillman Village
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