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Schools and enrichment in Singapore: This kids’ summer camp supercharges learning through experience and discovery

If you are a parent who wants your child to put down the phone, get off the internet … become more involved in their studies and chart a direction for their life, this is just for you.

For the last 32 years worldwide and 9 years in Singapore, we’ve worked with thousands of kids – helping them break free of the distractions of modern life, look within and discover their skills and talents. The end result is previously aimless students rediscover a passion for life and learning.

Suddenly, they want to get involved in their own education. They want to read up on subjects, devote time to mastering skills and set goals for what they truly want. Parents are the ones left bemused and puzzled – how did this 360-degree change happen?

For the first time, we’ll break down how we help kids make life-changing shifts in so short a time. At the end, if you are interested, we provide a link where you can check out our website and find out more.

The key to helping kids unlock their potential lie in the 5 core philosophies we hold for every Supercamp program.

1. We believe all kids are already clever – some just don’t know it yet
The key factor that sets Supercamp apart is we see every child as smart and intelligent – some just don’t fully know it yet. This is not just a belief we hold, it’s a stone-cold fact that comes from working with kids for so many years. The reason why some kids fall behind has little to do with intelligence. It’s simply because they are not learning in the way that best suits them. Some of us don’t learn very well sitting in a chair and copying notes.

Some of us need to interact with models, draw, picture it in our minds and play around with ideas and concepts before we comprehend. At Supercamp, we understand and we give kids full reign to learn through experience and all their learning channels. And lo and behold, we find that every child is a learning genius

2. Forget theory – let’s learn by experience and by ‘mistakes’
Supercamp is built on the foundations of experiential learning. We believe kids (and people, in general) learn best by doing. And as we do, it’s inevitable that we might make mistakes. Mistakes often terrify people, but some of life’s greatest learnings come from mistakes. Mistakes, we teach, are nothing more than feedback. They simply tell us that what we are currently doing isn’t working as well.

It’s far more important to learn from the mistakes than beat ourselves up over it. And it’s even more vital to make corrections in the future so we don’t walk down the same path. This is why we create a safe environment at Supercamp where mistakes are not punished or frowned upon. Instead, they are explored for the learning behind it so everyone grows from the experience. Kids learn that making a mistake doesn’t make them a failure. If they learn and grow, they emerge wiser and stronger.


3. Doing more with less
We all have 24 hours in a day and a fixed amount of energy. But why do some people get so much done than others? Why are some people able to read, write and remember more? The answer lies in the methods and techniques they use. There are namely 2 ways to do anything – the quicker, more efficient way and the slower, less effective way. Learning is no different.

The problem lies in the fact that most students were simply not taught HOW to learn. Hence they are still using traditional, age-old methods of memorizing, writing and reading. These methods are time-consuming, take plenty of effort and deliver very little. There exist, however, far more effective ways of learning – and that’s exactly what we teach kids at Supercamp. Suddenly, getting that essay done … reading that textbook or remembering science formulas isn’t that hard after all.

And with great proficiency comes greater confidence. Kids go from dreading the exam to realizing that they might actually be able to do well!

4. Character, Character, Character
What separates the good from the great? Character. Character means picking yourself up after making a mistake, means keeping your word, means never giving up and following through on your goals even when things get tough, means staying true to yourself. Character defines a person and helps them navigate their way in an otherwise chaotic world.

At Supercamp, we build your child’s character from within. They’ll learn the 8 Keys of Excellence – core character traits that every successful person has. They’ll engage in activities where they get a mirror-like reflection of their own current behaviour so they can see what’s going right or wrong in their lives. For many kids, this is that moment of clarity that sets them on a path of change. They realize that there are things they are currently doing that just isn’t serving them – and it’s time to make a change.

5. Relationships matter
And it’s not just about grades and personal success – it’s also about relationships with the people that matter, namely friends and family. At Supercamp, we help kids explore the relationships they have with friends and family and show them how they can build stronger, tighter relationships.

It’s a balance of being open in communication, being a good listener and being unafraid to put oneself out there – and we cover all of these at camp. On top of that, we give them the space to practice these with other campers. They learn how NOT to interrupt, how to state their opinion without being confrontational, how to empathize with friends and family and how to build a deeper bond through the power of questions.


When you put all these 5 philosophies together in a safe, supportive environment, kids start to regain their zest for learning and life. They start to believe in themselves once more and realize that there’s so much more to life.

And this is why they leave with new-found enthusiasm and confidence. In our 9 years in Singapore, we’ve seen kids leave Supercamp and go on to get scholarships, represent their schools, and do all the amazing things that was always inside them.

If you’re keen to have your child experience Supercamp, we would love to tell you more.