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School holiday camps: Could this be the most unique holiday programme in Singapore?

While Singapore isn’t short of sanity-saving holiday camps, if you’re looking for something that’ll really stretch your 6-to-15-year-old, then don’t miss Keys Academy’s multi-disciplinary holiday programme. Even the names of each of Keys’ 5-day camps, held over four weeks in March and April, are tempting stuff for tweens and teens – Mars Robot Challenge, CSI: Murder Mystery, Silicon Valley 101, Tech Star Jr., Design Innovation and Problem Solving. Most of the week-long camps involve awesome field visits, while all come with expert guest speakers, hands-on learning, and the opportunity to sharpen problem-solving, technology, and communication skills!

Mini detectives learn the basics of fingerprint dusting during the CSI: Murder Mystery camp
Mini detectives learn the basics of fingerprint dusting during the CSI: Murder Mystery camp


Design Innovation (6-8 years old)

Junior may be your baby, but give him the chance and he’ll be building and programming robots, microcontrollers and smartphone apps like a Silicon Valley protégée. Along the way, students will pick up on core design methodologies such as ideation, problem definition, empathy and prototyping, all the while getting a hefty dose of creative confidence.

Tech Star Jr. (7-8 years old)

Register your child for this camp and by the end of the week they’ll know their way around MIT Media Lab’s software Scratch. On top of programming basics, they’ll flex their computational thinking and creative writing skills as they make games come alive by developing characters and plot. The group went to Sentosa 4D Magix last year – we wonder what’s on the agenda for this year?

Silicon Valley 101 (8-10 years old)

Mini-entrepreneurs will hone their business skills by designing a consumer product using 3D printing technology, and then learning to market those products to consumers. Last year, the camp’s speaker was none other than Roger Kassebaum, recipient of the US Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Instruction, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics STEM Lifetime Achievement Award. And they say holiday camps are just for fun!

Mars Robot Challenge (9-12 years old)

A Martian storm has damaged your equipment and you must use logic and programming skills to rebuild your Martian Lander and survive the next storm. A hypothetical situation that would leave most mums stumped, but one which young campers can crack by learning basic block programming to develop simple robotic algorithms. Basic logic gates, truth tables and flowcharts, along with an introduction to ethics philosophy – can robots learn? what makes us human? – wrap up one of the most innovative camps yet.

CSI: Murder Mystery (10-12 years old)

Fingerprint dusting, mock trials and argument formation – just some of the areas young detectives will cover as they set to work solving a murder mystery using a combination of math, science and communication skills. So who will be the next D.B. Russell?

Problem Solving (12-15 years old)

Let your camper rack up critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills as they create a challenging board game. They’ll learn how to write instructions, communicate ideas, and present their game to an audience. Fingers crossed for their education fund that they dream up the next Monopoly!

Mars Robot Challenge campers get stuck in!
Mars Robot Challenge campers get stuck in!


Want to find out more? Visit Keys Academy’s website to register your child (each camp is limited to just 10 students, so you’d better get in there quick) or download their Spring 2016 brochure for more details. The week-long camps will run from Monday to Friday, 9am to 2pm on 14-18 March, 21-24 March, 28 March-1 April and 4-8 April. (The week of 21 March, we will run the camps over 4 days with extended hours of 9 am to 3:30 pm to reflect the Good Friday public holiday.) The cost is $595 inclusive of GST, with lunch provided.

PLUS Keys’ is offering a 10% early-bird discount for students who sign up and make payment before 15 February 2016, along with a 25% discount for groups of 3.

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