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Say #Breast. Save Lives.

October is widely recognised around the world as Breast Cancer Awareness month. There are some exciting initiatives happening in Singapore to help raise awareness and increase early detection of this disease.

The Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) has launched a campaign ‘Say #Breast. Save Lives.’ This is encouraging people to open up on the topic of breast cancer and spread the word among our loved ones in a bid to help with early detection. In support of the campaign, the BCF has united with the Land Transport Authority to commission a pink MRT train that will be decorated in the Say #Breast. Save Lives. theme. You may spot this on the North-South and East-West lines from 3rd October!

Our very own Jacqui Young participated in the Pink Ribbon walk this year, and encourages everyone to get involved in 2017. “We got a group together and had so much fun at the Pink Ribbon walk!” she said.

Jacqui Young and friends at the Pink Ribbon Walk
EL staffer Jacqui Young and friends at the Pink Ribbon Walk

The threat of cancer is not something anyone wants to think about, and being in a foreign country can exacerbate an already difficult issue. There is power in information, and there is a lot you can do to educate yourself and your loved ones on how to recognise the risks and symptoms, and take preventive measures. Regular check-ups are vital, and we have plenty of information to help you find where to go and what’s involved.

Raising awareness of this disease is pivotal in the fight against it. It is brave women like Aira Flanagan, a cancer survivor who has lived through the experience of being diagnosed and treated, who help to inspire other women to care for themselves and stay vigilant. We encourage all of our readers to get behind this great cause, and share your knowledge with those you love. Say #Breast. Save Lives.

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