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Save time and money Christmas shopping online in the USA

We haven’t even finished October yet, but already we’re already seeing Christmas decorations up and down Orchard Road. With only eight weeks to go, now is the time to start your Christmas shopping. Instead of madly scrambling with the masses from store to store, wouldn’t it be easier sit back in the comfort of your home, browsing the top brands online, and finding the best prices from US stores?

What if you’re finding the shipping fees quickly adding up from your favourite stores or they won’t let you ship to a foreign address? Easy… sign up for your personal, sales tax-free US shipping address at PacMe.com. Based in sales tax-free Oregon, shipping consolidator PacMe will receive your goods, store them for up to 90 days for free while everything arrives and even take photos of all your items so you can be sure it all arrived safe and sound. When you’re ready, they’ll consolidate and repack your Christmas shopping into one expertly packed box; often cutting the billable shipping weight by up to 50%. This means reduced international shipping fees for you!

Christmas shopping online with PacMe
Want to take the stress out of Christmas shopping? PacMe can save you time and money

What should I buy?

PacMe are able to ship almost anything and they are experts at consolidating and repacking your goodies, but there are items that just don’t make sense to ship overseas. It all comes down to good vs. bad dim weight. Basically, if there’s empty space in your box, you’re paying for it. Items like big plastic fire engines and fluffy pink unicorns may delight and surprise the kids, but they take up valuable space in your shipping box. You’ll end up paying way more in shipping fees than the items cost. Focus on goods like clothing, beauty products, electronics and items that either can be packed together nicely or cost so much locally that even with shipping fees cost way less to buy in the USA. Another tip? Go Big! The first few kilograms of any shipment are the most expensive so instead of sending lots of little shipments overseas, try to pass the 10-15kg mark to really see the savings add up.

Have a look for gifts like these:

  • Fashion
    Big name clothing brands are always cheaper in the US, and best of all offer zero dim weight. Shoes too if you take them out of the box. Online US retailers like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Zappos and JC Penny offer a huge range when it comes to fashion. Best of all most offer free shipping within the US.
  • Beauty Products
    A quick visit to the websites of Olay, Ovon, Birchbox and Aesop will show you just how much you can save when buying in the US. As well making you look good beauty products are easy to repack, especially if you mix and match items of different shapes and sizes.
  • Electronics
    Electronic gadgets, laptops, cameras and smartphones always come with a hefty price tag when you purchase locally. Luckily these products are quite dense so don’t increase the dim weight. You’ll find bargains shopping at Best Buy, Amazon, Sony and Think Geek.
  • Sports Equipment
    We all know how hard (and expensive!) it can be to find your favourite running shoes, American football, basketball or baseball equipment in Singapore. Fulfill everyone’s wish lists by shopping the top sports brands at Dick’s, Sports Authority and Dunham’s Sports.

Any questions? PacMe wants your holiday to be jolly and have a “Zero Unhappy Customers” policy. They love to hear from their customers and help them along the way: See what their customers have to say.

Free Account

So you can easily find the right gift for all your friends and family this Christmas PacMe are offering EL readers a free account. To save yourself the one-off $40 fee simply use the code EXPAT when you sign up at pacme.com. Time to start your holiday shopping!

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