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Save big time on shipping costs while shopping in the US

With shopping the national pastime, everyone in Singapore, from expat to local, is always on the lookout for a bargain or that hard-to-find gift. Trudging from one shopping centre to the next, in the heat, is so not fun. A quick online search will quickly reveal that shopping online in the US can’t be beat. But all those individual international shipping fees add up. What to do?

This is where a package and shipping consolidator such as PacMe can help. PacMe will set you up with your own personal US mailing address in sales tax-free Oregon. They will consolidate and repack all your purchases into one tidy box. It’s the repacking that really saves you money on international shipping fees (see the proof!). No more getting turned away from stores that don’t ship to Singapore or overspending on shipping fees by shipping one item at a time.

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Enjoy US prices without US shipping costs


Multiple stores, one package
Once you’ve worked out what you need (and maybe what else you just want!), it’s time to start shopping. For inspiration, PacMe put together a list of over 500 stores.  Have your items delivered to your PacMe address. It’s in the US, which means your local postage costs will be minimal, often free. If you don’t get your shopping done in one sitting, no problem.  PacMe will store your goods free for at least 90 days until everything turns up. PacMe’s experts will then repack and consolidate your items, not just bundle or forward the packages. That makes all the difference. PacMe will reduce the dreaded “dimensional weight” and slash the overall shipping cost by about 50% (watch the video!).

Buy more and save
PacMe have delivered some strange items to Singapore, from rowing machines and BBQ grills to fresh donuts and pickles. These are just one-off items though and don’t really offer you big savings. Go for items that can be packed together efficiently, such as clothing, kitchen gadgets, and sports equipment, or items such as electronics and luxury goods that may cost a fraction of the price in the USA. Keep in mind the first few kilos of any shipment are the most expensive when it comes to postage. So keep shopping and fill up that box because the per-kg shipping fee radically decreases once you pass the 10-15 kg mark. PacMe call it the “go big” strategy. What a great excuse to do more shopping!

Always accountable
Customer service is handled personally by the owners, Ken and Randy. They have a dedicated line of communication open for every package. You can discuss issues or make special requests directly, and will always receive a personalised response. You’re not juggled from one customer service representative to another. Check out their customer testimonials.

Free account
Just in time for the December holiday shopping rush (and don’t forget Halloween!), PacMe are offering EL readers a free account. When you sign up online at pacme.com use the code EXPAT to save yourself the initial one-off $40 fee. Then it’s time to shop up and save big!  If you need more information and are in a hurry, take a look at their 30-second elevator pitch.

pacme.com | info@pacme.com | facebook.com/pacmeusa/

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