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Romantic Roundup: The Cliff

The Cliff
Sentosa Resort and Spa
+65 6275 0331

We arrived just as the sun ducked behind the islands, setting the sky on fire with deep reds and oranges. A perfectly chilled glass of fizz and the Cliff’s delectable appetisers – try the Moroccan-style spicy bread dip – arrived with majestic timing.

The menu specially prepared for us started with slow-cooked ocean trout served attractively on a mussel and potato salad. Sadly, les moules were slightly overcooked. The roasted cod, too, was great to look at. Disappointingly, for a fan of the expensive fungae, the accompanying truffles did not appear fresh.

The dessert, dubbed the raspberry composition, was an exquisitely high-end creation and looked like an intricate work by Mondrian. It also tasted terrific, each piece melting on cue in the mouth.

There is a good selection of wine, and it’s reasonably priced. The service was excellent – discreet and charming. Ultimately, though, the Cliff is a little steep for what you get. A set dinner is $118, a starter averages $30, an entrée $70 and dessert $18.

Details of The Cliff’s Valentine’s Day dinner were not available at the time of our deadline.