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Ricky Hatton on his beloved football club Manchester City

After his beloved Manchester City won the English Premier League title in May, we caught up with ecstatic former world boxing champion Ricky Hatton.


What’s your first memory of watching City?
“When we beat (Manchester) United 5-1 in 1989. That was my first match. My uncle was a season-ticket holder and he took me along. As a youngster I was thinking ‘do I go for the blue side or the red side?’ When City won so convincingly that pretty much made up my mind.”

You’ve had some great moments recently with two Premier League titles in three seasons, but what’s been your lowest ebb as a City fan?

“Relegation to the third division (League One) in 1998. We went straight down from the Premier League and then straight down through the Championship. At the time I thought ‘it doesn’t get any worse than this.”

Biggest game you missed while training or fighting?
“When we beat Gillingham in the League One playoff final in May 1999. I boxed the day before in Halifax for the WBO Intercontinental title against a fella called Dillan Carew. By the time the fight finished I couldn’t get up to Wembley in time so I watched it in the pub. Before winning the title in 2012, a lot of City fans would say it was the best moment they’d experienced, so I was gutted to miss it.”

Terraces at Maine Road or executive box at the new stadium?
“My first ticket was on the terraces at the Kippax Stand. Good times, we used to squeeze our way to the front and get as near to the players as possible. You can never beat those days.

Dream City signing?
“I’d have to say Lionel Messi – he might do a job!”