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Restaurant review: We take a foodie journey at Chef’s Table by Stephan Zoisl

By: Leanda Rathmell

For the indecisive menu-lingerers and those in need of a nudge out of their comfort zone, Chef’s Table by Stephan Zoisl is a must. The rules are simple: choose from three, four, six or eight courses, let any dietary requirements be known, then sit back and enjoy a sensory adventure.

Food takes centre stage here; walls are lined with fine wines while high table-tops and barstools allow for optimal views of the open-plan kitchen. The space is intimately small, and the interior simple and relaxed, welcoming both casual diners and dolled-up dates.

Cod with herb cous cous at Chef's Table by Stephan Zoisl 

Compellingly experimental and ever-changing, the menu is inspired by the season’s best. Dishes are personally served by Stephan and his right-hand man, and both the produce and methods are explained in detail, leaving you in awe of the “journey” behind your meal. Ingredients are sourced from around the globe and back again, with garnishes grown in the restaurant’s own herb garden. We loved the playful duck trio (breast, confit, foie gras) with caramelised onion purée, charred Roscoff onion and burned leek, and the closing act, Chef Stephan’s Chocolate Test. Eloquently plated, this dish is a play on variations of texture and the cocoa percentage in Valrhona chocolate. You’ll sample chocolate powder, mousse, ganache, sponge cake, brownie and flakes, all while witnessing liquid nitrogen create chocolate ice cream within seconds. Three-course meals start at $75.

The Duck Trio at Chef's Table by Chef Stephan Zoisl


Tip: Celebrating? Get a group together and nab the 12-seater chef’s table. The unobstructed view of the kitchen at work, coupled with the personable nature of Chef Stephan, will get you a gold star in party-planning.

61 Tras Street
6224 4188 | chefstable.sg

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