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Restaurant Review: Vintage India at Dempsey in Singapore


Vintage India
10 Dempsey Road #01-21
+65 6471 3100

If you were stuck on a desert island and could eat just one cuisine in the world, what would it be?
The question arose within minutes of my friend and me finding our pleasant table on the back patio of Vintage India.

“Indian,” we answered simultaneously.

Restaurant manager Sandeep looked chuffed yet curious. “Why?” Neither of us had a definitive reason. It just seems that toasted breads, spicy dips and curries would make a Tom Hanks-style existence on an unpopulated beach more bearable. That’s all. (Plus, the pappadums could be used to construct a rudimentary raft.)  

Honestly, though, if Vintage India delivered to desert islands, I’d happily spend a few years on one. The food here is close to flawless.

After a zesty mint, mango and ice-cream mocktail each, our feast began. Starters included the best broccoli dish I’ve had for some time, the florets baked in cream and pepper in a tandoor oven. A succulent pair of marinated lamb chops made me wish there were as many sheep in India as cows.

Among the mains, the Travancore chicken curry (named after a former kingdom of India) stood out for its silky richness, but was almost trumped by the bhuna gosht, tender lamb in caramelised spices. The surprise packet, though, was tomatoes stuffed with paneer and other goodies.

A decadent dessert of Baileys-infused kulfi ensured our walk to the taxi rank would be a ponderous one.

The service was top-notch, especially compared to our pre-dinner pints at nearby microbrewery Tawandang, where the staff looked flummoxed at every turn.

Expect Dempsey-esque prices at Vintage India, with mains from around $20. But it’s worth it. And there are great deals on four-to-six-course set dinners for $50 or so, with a glass of wine.

Now to find a desert island. Somewhere down near Bintan, perhaps?

Note: Prices stated are subject to change and may not include taxes and service charges.