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Restaurant review: UNA at One Rochester, Rochester Park

By: Natalie Whittell

UNA at One Rochester
1 Rochester Park
6773 0070 | onerochester.com


This revamped black and white offers two elegant dining concepts, a luscious garden ‘dining experience’ downstairs, with by a stylish tapas bar upstairs.

Each has a distinctive menu and cadence; the downstairs garden offers a tasteful, intimate setting with a 3-course menu that allows you to chose from small or large dishes (depending on your appetite).  The tapas bar has a more bustling vibe, perfect for after work drinks. In addition to a good wine selection from Europe, which boasts a delicious by the glass rioja ($14, this is a venue that caters for all crowds.

Talented Chef, Jean-Philippe Patruno, helms the kitchen and with 12 years experience and 3 Michelin stars; the food certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Whilst starting off with pimentos de pardon ($16), we were told these delicious grilled sweet-hot peppers are traditionally eaten as bar snacks in Spain and one pepper amongst the bunch will be ear-wateringly hot, the person who picks this pepper then pays the bill. Tentatively nibbling at this dish, we were relieved to hear they leave the hot peppers out at UNA.

A starter of scallops a la plancha, veal cheeks and iberico ham ($28/$38) melted in the mouth with the soft veal and bouncy scallops perfectly complimented by the crunchy iberico ham.

For main course, the iberico pork belly, smoked chorizo mash ($32/$42) was the winner of the night with a combination of soft pork, feather light crispy cracking, rich chorizo and sweet umami sauce.

Almost fill to the brim; there was just room for pedro ximenex panna cotta, popcorn ($14/$18), a recommendation from our waiter and well worth leaving room for. Layers of smooth panna cotta, apricot compote and salty popcorn crumbs make this a treat for the palette.

Delicious food aside, this restaurant has a relaxing and chic ambience that caters for any night you have in mind.

Natalie Whittell